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6 Spring Cleaning Tips
6 Spring Cleaning Tips
It’s Spring Cleaning Time: 6 De-Cluttering Tips!

Today’s sunny, 75-degree weather felt like Boston’s first true day of spring, and I couldn’t get enough! I loved walking down the street and seeing complete strangers smile at each other…and with two client sessions today, I sure felt grateful for the abundant sunshine! YAY spring!!!

In the spirit of the season, let’s talk spring cleaning!! Our apartment does NOT look like the image below all the time…or most of the time, really 😉 But I do find a lot of peace in organizing and de-cluttering our space as often as possible, and I hope these tips will help you too!



1) Get rid of extra clothes.

Are you ever going to wear that sweater that your boss gave you 10 years ago? Probably not. Here are a couple of innovative ways to let go of what you don’t wear anymore:


This is my newest favorite service — it’s similar to stores like Plato’s Closet, except for you can skip a trip to the store! Order a bag, stuff it with clothes, and ship it back with a pre-paid label. You only pay for shipping if they accept your items.

Give Back Box

If you’re like me and always have a bunch of Amazon boxes laying around the house, you can use one of them to send donations to charity! Give Back Box provides pre-paid shipping labels for your donations AND helps re-purpose the life of a cardboard box.


2) Stop your junk mail.

My husband and I receive junk mail for ourselves AND junk mail addressed to about a dozen of the previous apartment residents as well! I don’t know about you, but junk mail just puts me in a bad mood…it greets me first thing when I get home from work, and it piles up so quickly. Back in February, I went on a junk mail rampage using this website. It lists all of the companies that send mail to your current address, as well as contact info. I emailed 400 companies in 2 hours using a form letter that I copied/pasted. It’s only been a couple of months, but our junk mail volume has dramatically decreased! As a result, I’m sorting through way less paper!


3) Check out Emily Ley’s 30-Day Simplicity Challenge.

I’m kind of obsessed with paper products AND anything that’s super bright and colorful, so of course I love Emily Ley (she sells both)! I stumbled upon her 30-Day Simplicity Challenge, and I’m digging the practical tips for de-cluttering (broken up into days, so they’re not overwhelming!) I’m on day 10, so my homework is to buy birthday cards ahead of time. Fun and practical!


4) Grab this book.

My husband and I live in the city in a tiny 440-square-foot apartment. With two people in such a small space, it’s easy for the clutter to feel overwhelming! Last year I grabbed Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, in an attempt to restore order to our home. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say that this book was actually life-changing for me. It helped me feel OK with letting go of possessions that no longer served a purpose. I’m getting ready to re-read it this spring and go for another spring cleaning marathon!


5) Sell your electronics.

If you can’t tell, I’m all about de-cluttering through the mail — anything that saves time makes me happy! I have used and loved this company for selling my old phones. They send you the proper shipping materials and a pre-paid label, and they give you a quote up front so that you know what your device will earn.


6) Take care of those random house tasks.

The drawer handle that’s broken. The mirror that’s cracked. The headboard that you never actually attached to the bed. Those kinds of things drive me crazy on a daily basis, but it’s hard to actually get around to taking care of them! I’m using spring cleaning season as an excuse to either fix them myself, or hire someone from TaskRabbit or Thumbtack who knows that they’re doing.


PS: Your digital life needs de-cluttering, too!

Spring cleaning is not just for your house! Check back tomorrow for my best organizational tips for your digital life, including the tools that I use and trust to help run my business.

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