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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos
What to Wear for Fall Family Photos
What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

ETA September 15, 2019: This page was just updated with fresh clothing boards, so all of the clothing recommendations below are currently available in stores! These are affiliate links, meaning that I make a small commission if you choose to purchase (at no additional cost to you). Your clicks help me keep this blog running with fresh resources for you – thank you for your support! 🙂

For the old clothing boards, click here!



More than any other question, clients always ask what they should wear to their family session. Coordinating your outfits can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve created some sample clothing boards and color palettes to jump-start you as you plan your family’s clothing. For fall, I’m loving warm tones like blush, burnt orange, and mustard, paired with neutrals.

Want a fail-proof formula for creating a family set? Start with neutrals as your base (ivory, gray, and beige photograph well), and then add in pops of coordinating color. You can use the sample palettes at the very end of this post to help you choose colors that pair well together!

I designed these for a family of four in order to cover options for women, men, boys, and girls – but I just wanted to add that I think families are beautiful no matter what form they take. The color palettes below will totally work whether you’ve got two people in your family, six people in your family, two moms, or two dads (and girls don’t have to wear dresses, either – I just included lots because I love them!) If you get stuck figuring out how to use these sets for your own crew, please feel free to reach out! ♥

Mom: Dusty Rose Jumpsuit+ Ankle Boots
Dad: Multicolor Striped Sweater
Girl: Girls’ White Pompom Sweater Dress
Boy: Yellow Color Block Sweater

Mom: White Pom Pom Sweater + Ankle Boots
Dad: Men’s Maroon Pullover Sweater
Girl: Girls’ Pink Bell Sleeve Shirt + Girls’ Corduroy Pinafore Skirt
Boy: Boys’ Oatmeal Shawl Collar Sweater + Boys’ Gold Pants


Mom: Women’s Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots
Dad: Stone Gray Mens’ Gardigan
Girl: Girls’ Ankle BootsPeach Gauze Girls’ Shirt + Mustard Skirt
Boy: Boys’ Snow Sweatshirt + Boys’ Gray Jeans


Mom: Sweater Dress + Women’s Riding Boots + Women’s Skinny Jeans
Dad: Men’s Cable-Knit Cardigan
Boy: Brown Boys’ Shirt + Boys’ Gray Jeans
Girl: Girls’ Ankle Boots + Forest Green Dress + Mustard Romper + Girls’ White Shirt

Mom: Women’s Skinny Jeans + Mustard Cardigan + Ankle Boots
Dad: Blue Men’s Cardigan
Girl: Girls’ Blue Floral Dress + Mustard Girls’ Shoes
Boy: Boys’ Dusty Blue Pants + Boys’ Gray Striped Sweater

Mom: Multicolored Poncho + Women’s Skinny Jeans
Dad: Mens’ Blue Sweater
Girl: Embroidered Pink Dress
Boy: Yellow Color Block Sweater

Mom: Women’s Taupe Coat + Women’s Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots
Dad: Men’s Cable-Knit Cardigan + Men’s Ivory Henley
Girl: Girls’ White SkirtGirls’ Ruffle Shirt
Boy: Boys’ Ivory Pullover + Boys’ Gray Jeans

Mom: Purple Bow Sweater + Women’s Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots
Dad: Mens’ Blue Sweater
Boy: Boys’ Ivory Pullover + Boys’ Dusty Blue Pants
Girl: Peach Printed Girls’ Dress

Mom: Sweater Dress + Women’s Riding Boots
Dad: Deep Red Shawled Men’s Cardigan + Men’s Ivory Henley
Girl: Butterscotch Pinafore
Boy: Boys’ Ivory Pullover + Boys’ Burnt Orange Cords


Mom: Pink Dress + Ivory Pompom Cardigan + Riding Boots
Dad: Cable-Knit Cardigan + Ivory Henley
Boy: Sage Shirt
Girl: Purple Knit Baby Romper


Did you find this post useful? Please feel free to use the pinnable image below to save this to your Pinterest board!


Below, I’ve included my 12 favorite shades for fall family outfits! These shades all photograph beautifully, which is why many of the boards above include them.

I recommend avoiding the following colors:

  • pure white (tricky for exposure – ivory/off-white is better)
  • black, dark navy, and dark brown (darkens the overall photograph)
  • anything neon (creates weird color casts on skin)
  • anything that’s very saturated, for instance bright red

For more general clothing tips, check out this post!



Here are some more color palettes that would work well for family photos – feel free to use these to create your own clothing combinations!

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