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Welcome Baby Zac!
Welcome Baby Zac!
Welcome Baby Zac! | Boston Maternity Photographer

As a born-and-raised Texan, I have to admit that before I moved to Boston, I was worried that everyone here would be grumpy and angry all the time! But I quickly realized that besides the incessant horn-honking (which I don’t even notice anymore), Bostonians are actually some of the most kind, generous people around.

Exhibit A: the wonderful parents pictured below. Terri and Frank are the kind of people who exude warmth, good humor, and just all-around awesomeness. Case in point: at the end of their newborn session, they sent me home with a bottle of wine to share with my husband. They did this despite being sleep-deprived and hosting me in their home just days after having a baby. These two are just that cool.

They are also head-over-heels in love with their new baby boy, which was already apparent at their maternity session but became even more heart-warming after he arrived. Zac is incredibly lucky to have them as parents…and I’m lucky that I got to meet him in his first few days of life!

Keep scrolling to view both of their sessions, as well as a little interview with Terri!


1) Please tell us a little bit about your family.

Frank is from Michigan and I am from Jersey. We met when we worked together in NJ and started dating in 2011. We both transferred to new jobs and relocated to Stamford, CT for about 3 years, then got married on 7.12.15. With another job transfer, came an opportunity to move to Boston in the fall of 2015. I went to school at BU, so I was excited to move back to the area with my husband, since it was a place where I had already made so many memories. It has been so much fun living here again as an adult and having an entirely new set of adventures here together. We are thrilled to be able to raise our son here in Boston and explore the city through his eyes.

2) How did you decide that this was the right time to hire a professional photographer?

We both agree that some moments only give you once chance to capture them perfectly, so it made sense to allow a professional to document my our first pregnancy and the early days of life with Zachary.

3) Where were each of your sessions held and why?

Our maternity session was on Acorn Street and in the Public Garden. Since we really wanted to capture the feeling of living in Boston, we loved these locations when Kate suggested them. I actually work in Beacon Hill, so the area is very familiar to me, which made it extra special.

For our newborn shoot, Kate came to us at our place in Braintree on our second day home with Zac. This made us feel comfortable as we were exhausted and still trying to figure out our new roles as Mom & Dad. It was such a fun morning and we are grateful that we were able to capture images of him when he was so tiny, as he is already growing so fast!





4) What was your favorite part? (of either session)

Our favorite part was how this significant moment in our lives was captured during the newborn session. It is hard to explain the emotions that we were experiencing as we became parents for the first time. Once we saw the pictures we were able to reflect on just how much love we have for each other and our son.


5) Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before hiring a photographer? How did you feel afterward?

I think whenever hiring someone to memorialize one of the “big moments” in life, it is natural to be a bit nervous that the photos will live up to your expectations, since there is no way to have a do-over if you don’t like them. Before contacting Kate, we took time to explore her work and were completely confident that we would be happy with the finished product.


6) Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

Two really silly moments happened in the Public Garden during our maternity shoot. One that unfortunately wasn’t captured on film, was as we were setting up for a shot, and all of a sudden about 100 birds decided to fly right over us and scare everyone. [Kate’s note: I think I missed the shot because I was too busy screaming my head off, ha!!]  The other was when Frank decided that he just needed to climb a tree, and Kate completely went with it and suggested ways to make the shots even more ridiculous. We spent so much time laughing together, that it easily made us forget how freezing we actually were on that cold December day.




7) Of all the photos we took, which is your #1 favorite?

So hard to pick! I think we find a new favorite every time we look at them.

8) Any advice to other families before their photo session?

For anyone who is on the fence about hiring a photographer, working with Kate has been seamless from the first email. She was responsive, and we were able to bounce our ideas and suggestions. For example, she helped make changes to our outfits so that colors and accessories were on point. She keeps you in the loop after your session so you know exactly when to expect your images, or where she is in the process. Although we have only met with Kate twice in person, she is someone that we connected with on a personal level, and will certainly look to her to capture future life events for us!

9) What made you choose Kate L Photography?

Stalking her photos on Instagram and Facebook, so we were able to get a sense of her work before reaching out. Plus all of the above.

10)  How have you used the images from your session, or what are you planning to do with them?

We have been slowly sharing images on social media for friends and family who are far away, plus actually printing all the photos for an album. We created a share site so that our parents can access and print a few to enjoy between visits.



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