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….and we are LIVE!!


Hiring a designer to create a custom website and brand has been my #1 dream since the day I opened my business back in 2008 — more than leasing an office, getting published, or even going full-time. And today, that dream finally comes true.

Every time I struggled my way through designing my own website for the past 9 years, I knew it was missing that extra “wow factor” — but it’s also a scary investment to turn over the reigns to someone you’ve never met before. I went back and forth about the decision….until I found Second Street Creative.

The first time I saw Ryan’s work, I was totally blown away. He brings such a unique vision to every project he takes on, and from our first phone call I could tell that he was the right person to make this happen. His work is bold, clean, and detail-oriented. I also took it as a sign that I had fallen in love with two Second Street Creative websites without realizing they were both his…and that I had also reached out to him in 2010 just to say that I admired his work. (He remembered that, not me — I have the worst memory on the planet)

A brand is such a personal thing — especially when it’s not just a business brand, but a personal one. It’s really hard to distill everything you believe down to colors, phrases, and images. But Ryan knew how to ask just the right questions to kick my brain into gear and get to the heart of what I wanted to convey. As a result, the new site is joyful and vibrant, but still clean and professional.

This has been a huge project — almost 7 months of dreaming, decisions, revisions, and more revisions. I’m pretty sure we worked on JUST the brand colors for a solid month (indecisive me — poor Ryan!) He has helped me solidify what I offer, who I’m trying to reach, and how that plays into the aesthetics.  He has been BEYOND patient with my Type A personality, especially with a million tiny changes in the past week leading up to the launch.

I’m grateful to have received not just a fabulous website, but also a more clear understanding of my business and brand. All of those things will help me serve my clients even better from here on out. Ryan, I really can’t thank you enough!!!!

This project has been a true team effort, so a few more shoutouts are in order:

  • Joe, the talented developer who put in many late nights taking this website from beautiful to functional
  • Ashlyn Carter (Ashlyn Writes), who helped me define my goals for the website content. She’s a word wizard, y’all. If you’re in need of copywriting services, I can’t recommend her enough.
  • Lena Mirisola for the behind-the-scenes images scattered throughout the site
  • Katie Mitchell for proofreading and editing the site copy (practically overnight, too!)
  • My husband for offering to make coffee runs at 9 p.m. when I still had long nights of content creation ahead of me, and for reviewing draft upon draft

Finally, thanks to my clients…your shining faces inspire me every day, and your images have brought this project to life! I can’t wait to add more of your memories to this site in the months and years to come!! xoxo

In closing, I’ll leave you with a picture of what the last few weeks have looked like…tons of iced coffee & long hours in PJ pants! 😉


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