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Sophia Burgos, Soprano
Sophia Burgos, Soprano
Sophia Burgos, Soprano | Boston Promo Photographer


Once upon a time (only five years ago, but it feels like another lifetime!), Sophie and I were classmates at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. I still vividly remember her perform the off-stage solo in this piece and thinking she sounded like a real-life angel!

Last August, I was thrilled when she messaged me about a headshot session! She was about to leave to start a new life in Switzerland…yes, SWITZERLAND…and found time for one last adventure in Boston. Literally a week after we photographed these, she had already moved to another continent! How she was able to look like a goddess despite the stress and chaos of packing is beyond me 😉

Before I let Sophie tell you a little more about her session, I just have to share her talent with you guys…this woman is the REAL DEAL!  Definitely pay a visit to her website, where she’s already put her images to great use!


1) Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a soprano currently based in Basel, Switzerland focusing on contemporary classical repertoire (although a little Mozart never hurt anyone!) I’m Puerto Rican, grew up in Chicago, IL and spent my college years in upstate NY (with the beautiful and lovely Kate, at the Eastman School of Music 🙂 ) I am an ethical vegan, I love traveling, and my favorite color is green!

2) Why did you need new headshots, and what are you planning to use them for?

I needed new headshots because I’m now leaving my student life and entering the professional world of music. I need new headshots for auditions, promotional materials, and to build a really nice website. I have been following Kate’s photography journey for many years now and it was an obvious choice.. I have loved her work for such a long time and I’m so happy that I finally got to work with her during such a pivotal time in my life.

3) What were you nervous about before the session?

I wasn’t really nervous about this photo session.. being the daughter of a photographer gets you a lot of shooting experience! Of course, I think everyone gets a little self-conscious about how they look .. But Kate has such a way of bringing out each client’s unique glow. I knew they would turn out stunning!


sophia_burgos_002 sophia_burgos_003 sophia_burgos_004 sophia_burgos_005 sophia_burgos_006


4) Was your session different than what you expected? How so?

I was so surprised at how many shots and locations and outfits were covered in our session! I had so much variety to choose from in the end. I wasn’t expecting to get so much done, and I’m certainly not complaining!

5) What was the most helpful thing you did to prepare for your photos?

In preparation for the shoot I made sure that I felt as natural as possible. This is a personal preference, but I feel more comfortable doing my own makeup and leaving my hair in its natural, curly, wild, state. Being true to my natural look makes me feel more honest and confident in shoots. Also, bringing comfy shoes to swap into for when you’re not shooting!

6) Did you bring anyone with you to your session? Was this helpful?

I brought my amazing boyfriend, Andrew Haig, to my photoshoot and it made ALL the difference. Having someone there who you trust and loving being around makes the whole process that much more fun. It’s also nice to have someone carry around your makeup, two pairs of heels, and three gowns! (Thank you, darling) plus, Kate kindly took some super adorable photos of us during our break! It was a very fun and special experience 🙂


sophia_burgos_007 sophia_burgos_008 sophia_burgos_009 sophia_burgos_010 sophia_burgos_011 sophia_burgos_012 sophia_burgos_013 sophia_burgos_014

7) How did you choose what to wear?

I brought gowns that I would normally wear in concert, essentially my work clothes. I brought a black, edgy jumper for a more modern look, a red lace detailed gown for a very romantic look, and a color blocked teal gown for a more vibrant and flowy look. The variety was important, as I often step into different subgenres of the classical music world.

8) If someone was on the fence about getting professional headshots done, what advice would you give them?

For anyone on the fence about getting professional headshots, I’d say if you are working with Kate just go for it! You will not regret it. It is such a fun time.. We were laughing, sharing stories, and enjoying the process the entire session. Kate has a special gift in photography and being a part of her art is such an honor. Your photos will look stunning!

9) What was the funniest moment from your session?

There were so many funny moments on our session.. I loved when random people accidentally photobombed our shot! Also, Kate has tons of tips and tricks to make your hair flip just right, your dress billow in the non existent wind, refresh your smile, and all of it generally includes funny movements and even funnier faces! Shaking out my body, laughing wildly, and chasing the sunlight were some of the highlights that day!


sophia_burgos_015 sophia_burgos_016 sophia_burgos_017 sophia_burgos_018 sophia_burgos_019

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