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Seaport Family Photos
Seaport Family Photos
Seaport Family Photos in Downtown Boston!

I may be biased since Kate L Photography’s office is located right around the corner in Fort Point, but I think Seaport is one of the best locations for family photos in downtown Boston! The buildings have so much color and texture, it’s right by the water, and the view from Fan Pier Park is hands-down the best accessible skyline view in Boston! (and that gorgeous cobblestone walkway doesn’t hurt, either!) I’m so glad that more families are starting to consider this neighborhood for their photo session. 🙂

I will let Melissa tell you a little bit more about her session before getting to the eye candy!

What made you decide that this was the right time to do your session?

My husband is a contractor and gets moved around a lot for work. Since we’ve started traveling for his job, family photos have become our tradition to help us remember each place we’ve lived. So far we’ve had photos taken in Duluth, Superior, and our home state of Oklahoma.

Where was your session held and why?

We did our session in downtown Boston by the harbor and the Boston Children’s Museum. We really wanted something with bright colors, and this area of town captured what we were looking for.

Tell us about what the session was like.

You made our session fun and you were really outgoing. You just walked up like you had known us forever, gave us this big hug, and said, “Let’s go!” I like that you just jumped right in and got us and our daughter laughing. My husband said that your high energy made it a great time. The whole thing was just fun.

Were you nervous or worried about anything beforehand?

Yes! I wasn’t nervous about your work, but it was was more like, “How is she gonna pull off a family session downtown at 5:00 p.m. when everyone’s trying to get home from work?” But somehow it turned out great!

Do you have any advice for families who are about to have their photos taken?

Just make sure you don’t try to do a lot beforehand. We spent the day of the session just prepping for photos, so that we weren’t doing a lot beforehand and then stressing to get to the session. I tried to be really careful about getting my daughter to take a nap beforehand.

Also, try to start planning your outfits as soon as possible. I started looking at outfits as soon as I scheduled our session so that we had plenty of time to find the right sizes, return things we didn’t need, etc.

Tell us about your album and what the design process was like.

I had been wanting to make a family photo album but hadn’t gotten around to it, and ordering one from you forced us to sit down and just make it happen. The design was already done for us and I didn’t have to think about it or debate about which images to include. I was so excited about our album because besides our wall prints, we didn’t have any of our pictures printed — they’re on hard drives!


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Here are a few pictures of their finished album…I wish y’all could see it in person, because the photos just do NOT do this beauty justice! I loved being able to give it to Melissa in person, knowing that it’s going to a great home!

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