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richard & sarah, engaged! | san antonio engagement photos

Together January 2011 • Engaged July 4, 2012


:: Occupation: Orchestral Conductor
:: Hometown: Bloominton, IN
:: According to Richard, she is: silly bestfave neurotic ginger hotness


:: Occupation: Computer Geek
:: Hometown: San Antonio, TX
:: According to Sarah, he is: goofy dog-lover cutest bestest cuddly

How they met: “An excerpt from a draft of our wedding ceremony, by Spike Gillespie:

During the week of Thanksgiving, 2010, Richard’s sister, Jenn, was visiting him in New York. During this trip, she introduced him to Sarah, one of her closest friends from Indiana University, who was now living in the city. Perhaps because he was on his computer at the time, Richard didn’t totally register Sarah’s magnificence.

Then, a month later, that same distracting computer brought to his attention a lovely woman at an online dating site. Noting that this lovely woman was from Indiana, he showed this picture to Jenn, who didn’t bother to tell him that, duh, that was, in fact, the same woman she’d attempted to introduce to him IN HIS APARTMENT just weeks before. Instead, she just said, “Oh, that’s Sarah, you’ll like her.”

Thinking he had some insider info, Richard confidently emailed Sarah, shooting her a flirtatious note. Sarah, choosing to overlook Richard’s little gaffe, agreed to go on a date with him. He invited her to his favorite pizza place, an incredibly greasy, old school joint in middle of Brooklyn. In Richard’s words, “It’s the kind of place where you walk out about ten pounds heavier, covered in grease and loving life. And we did. And she didn’t run away.”

How he proposed: As told by Sarah: “Richard took me out to a twelve-course dinner at WD-50. Dinner started at about 10pm and, after several delicious courses and a little too much wine, lasted into July 4th.

Before the eleventh course, the waiter brought out a “My Little Pony” toy and some scissors. (Some background: Richard and I are big fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s much cooler than it sounds. I promise!) Having had a little too much wine, I just thought that the chefs at WD-50 were bronies, too. Then came a bowl of raspberry sauce and a pair of tweezers. Richard used the tweezers to pull out a little plastic bag, cut it open, and there was the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen (that also matched the “cutie mark” of the My Little Pony). He said, ‘Will you mare-y me?’ And, quoting Pinkie Pie, I said, ‘Okidokiloki!'”

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