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Week 4 (Cake) | 2015 Project 52

In case you didn’t hear, we just had a huge blizzard here in Boston (not quite as bad as Nemo from 2013, but still pretty crazy!) I couldn’t have been more excited, because blizzard days are simply wonderful. Being shut in your apartment with no transportation is the best possible outcome for people like me who have “constantly busy syndrome.” They’re like upgraded weekends. Even if you have a million errands to run and a million coffee dates to schedule, YOU CAN’T because everything is closed!  On Tuesday, I couldn’t go to my office or the grocery store or the bank. It was a golden ticket to guilt-free living, creating, and playing.

So, what are you supposed to do all day while you’re stuck in your house? Here’s my answer:  you complete your “someday” tasks, those things that you swear you’re gonna do when everything else is complete (in other words, NEVER). Blizzard days are also for Snuggies and drinking too much coffee/hot cocoa. Blizzard days are for quality conversation with your significant other. Blizzard days are for checking items off your bucket list and eating cake in bed. So, this week’s theme couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. This rainbow cake has been sitting on my Pinterest board for THREE YEARS. And it was finally time to make it happen.

I spent five blissful hours putting this thing together. My kitchen looked like a mini version of the storm outside, with cake batter splattered everywhere (wish I had photographed this!) While I waited for each batch to finish baking in my small oven, I sat and stared at the magical snow coming down outside of my window. I crossed my fingers every time I slapped a new layer on top of the growing cake in the hopes that it wouldn’t fall apart, and I held my breath when I cut the first slice. Somehow, it came out just like I had always imagined it! Couldn’t be more proud of my little snow day creation.

This week’s theme also reminded me that Project 52 is for encouraging creativity and inspiration, no matter if that’s through photography or another creative outlet. Busting out my baking gear on Tuesday was great creative medicine that inspired me to create beautiful photographs. And the extra sugar boost certainly didn’t hurt, either! 😉

rainbow cake with sprinkles! www.kateLphotography.comrainbow cake with sprinkles! www.kateLphotography.comrainbow cake with sprinkles! www.kateLphotography.comrainbow cake with sprinkles! www.kateLphotography.comrainbow cake with sprinkles!

PS: For those of you that asked on Facebook, here are a few things from the internet that helped me keep the cake intact:

1) On parchment paper, I traced the outline of the pan, cut out the circle, and placed it in the bottom of the pan underneath the cake batter. I also sprayed the sides of the pan. Both of these things helped keep the cake from sticking when it was time to take it out.
2) After cooling the layers, I put them in the freezer for an additional 15 minutes to make sure they were solid enough to stack without breaking.
3) After adding the “crumb coat” of icing, I stuck the cake in the refrigerator overnight to solidify the whole thing. In the morning, I added a second coat of icing and the sprinkles, then stuck it back in the refrigerator for another hour.
4) When I cut the cake, I ran the knife under hot water first and wiped it dry. The warm knife cut through the cold cake super easily!

Project 52 was started by a lovely group of photographers from NAPCP, of which I am a proud member. Our goal for 2015 is to take weekly photographs that warm our hearts and challenge us at the same time, based on a theme that the group has decided. It’s an encouraging and inspiring environment for us to hone our craft and just enjoy photography for what it is: an art that we all LOVE.

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