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Week 2 (Bokeh) | 2015 Project 52

Some people have a “love/hate” relationship with winter, but up until this year, mine has always just been “hate.” As a born-and-raised Texan, freezing temperatures make me feel like I’m dying on the inside and the outside (which is hilarious, because I voluntarily decided to go to college in Rochester, NY, one of the coldest cities in the country!).

But this winter, something shifted. I started bracing myself for Boston’s freezing winds back in September. Then fall crept in, and I was having too much fun basking in the beautiful light and delicious smells of autumn to notice that I was cold. December turned me into a busy holiday frenzy, and the month was gone before I knew it. And then, all of the sudden I “woke up” and it was January, complete with snow, ice, and frostbite-inducing temperatures.

The month that I usually dread with my whole heart was suddenly a welcome shift. It helped me pause to look inward, evaluate the last year, and set goals for myself and my business. There is a certain peace that I’ve found in these 20-degree temperatures. The world is a little slower, a little more calm. This winter is for drinking coffee in my pajamas. This winter is for returning to my regular yoga practice. This winter is for planning, dreaming, and being kind to my body, so that when I come out of hibernation in April, I’m ready to tackle anything that comes my way.

So, in celebration of my new appreciation for winter, this week I photographed the rock salt on the sidewalk that crunches under my feet. This stuff manages to invade my apartment no matter how many times I sweep it off the floor! But last night on my walk home, I noticed that if the salt catches the light just right, it looks like the whole sidewalk is covered in glitter. It’s all about finding the beauty in the challenges, right? 🙂

Project 52 was started by a lovely group of photographers from NAPCP, of which I am a proud member. Our goal for 2015 is to take weekly photographs that warm our hearts and challenge us at the same time, based on a theme that the group has decided. It’s an encouraging and inspiring environment for us to hone our craft and just enjoy photography for what it is: an art that we all LOVE.

rock salt


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