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Our Italian Honeymoon: Part 4 {Venice & Burano}
Our Italian Honeymoon: Part 4 {Venice & Burano}
Our Italian Honeymoon: Part 4 {Venice & Burano}



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{If you missed the first three Italy posts, here’s the link to Amalfi Coast & Capri, here’s Rome, and here is Orvieto, Florence, and Cinque Terre!}

Of the three cities we visited (Rome/Florence/Venice), this one was definitely my favorite. With its endless bridges, cobblestone alleyways, and boats, it seemed to me as if it were a city designed just for photographers. I could never make it more than a few blocks without pulling out my camera again. And the real-life moments were just as magical! Nothing could ever capture the way the emerald water sparkled in the sunlight, or the regal sound of the church bells amongst the hum of the crowds. It seemed as if the city were stuck in time; it was a strange cross between past centuries and the hippie culture of the 70s in America. Venice was the perfect place to end our honeymoon, although it was hard to leave after experiencing its charm!

venice_burano_015 venice_burano_016 venice_burano_017 venice_burano_018 venice_burano_019 venice_burano_020

From what I understand, Venice was built by driving thousands of wooden tree trunks into the ground, then laying the building foundations on top of those poles. The sea water protects the wood from rotting since it’s never exposed to oxygen, and the sediment and clay from the water has helped to petrify the wood over time. Although many buildings now have modern septic systems, the older buildings still dump their sewage out into the canals, where the water is flushed out with the tide twice a day. This could explain the…interesting smells that we sometimes experienced. 😉 Although it’s pretty to look at, I would not touch that water in a million years!

venice_burano_021 venice_burano_022 venice_burano_023 venice_burano_024venice_burano_001


We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Airbnb during our stay in Venice. Our host was an interior designer, so the apartment was immaculately decorated! The place was flooded with natural light and a nice breeze coming off of the Spanish-style rooftops. I couldn’t help but take a million photos! Here’s the link to our Airbnb if you ever find yourself in Venice!


venice_burano_002 venice_burano_003 venice_burano_004 venice_burano_005 venice_burano_006

The view from our Airbnb…sigh!!

venice_burano_007 venice_burano_008

Never in my life have I felt more lost than I felt in Venice! The whole city is a maze of tiny alleys, bridges, and dead ends. Even with GPS, sometimes we had trouble navigating our way from place to place. We looked at getting lost as part of the adventure and allowed lots of time for wandering.

venice_burano_009 venice_burano_010 venice_burano_011 venice_burano_012 venice_burano_013

One of the only solo pictures of me from our entire trip! I’m so glad to have an image to remember how my wanderlust heart felt during our honeymoon!


One of the places I looked forward to the most from our entire trip was the small island of Burano, located a short ferry ride away from Venice. The island is known for the vibrant colors of its buildings, which were supposedly painted so that boats could see the island more clearly from the sea. The residents of Burano take their colors very seriously — you have to get a permit before you can even paint your house! As a result, the whole island looks like a crayon box blew up. As a lover of bright colors, I was absolutely in heaven wandering around and snapping away.

venice_burano_025 venice_burano_026 venice_burano_027 venice_burano_028 venice_burano_029 venice_burano_030 venice_burano_031 venice_burano_032 venice_burano_033 venice_burano_034 venice_burano_035 venice_burano_036 venice_burano_037 venice_burano_038 venice_burano_039 venice_burano_040 venice_burano_041 venice_burano_042 venice_burano_043 venice_burano_044 venice_burano_045 venice_burano_046 venice_burano_047 venice_burano_048 venice_burano_049 venice_burano_050 venice_burano_051 venice_burano_052 venice_burano_053 venice_burano_054 venice_burano_055 venice_burano_056 venice_burano_057 venice_burano_058 venice_burano_059 venice_burano_060 venice_burano_061 venice_burano_062

One of our wedding gifts was a guided photography tour in Venice, which was such an interesting way to see the city! Our guide, Simone, showed us a different side of Venice — free of tourists, quiet and reflective, and filled with local people and culture. As a photojournalist, he knows Venice and its stories like the back of his hand. He encouraged us to feel the emotions of the places we visited and to take time to observe before picking up the camera. I really enjoyed seeing the city through the eyes of another photographer, and I know I will carry his reminders with me into my portrait work.

venice_burano_063 venice_burano_064 venice_burano_065
venice_burano_067 venice_burano_068 venice_burano_069 venice_burano_070 venice_burano_071 venice_burano_072 venice_burano_073 venice_burano_074 venice_burano_075 venice_burano_076

The island of Venice is actually made up of 118 tiny islands which are all connected by canals and bridges. The electricity lines travel across the bridges just like people do. The buildings’ foundations are protected by brick barriers, which guard against erosion from the sea. When the brick and/or mortar becomes worn down, sections of the canal are dammed and drained in order to repair the underwater structure.

venice_burano_077 venice_burano_078 venice_burano_079 venice_burano_080

After seeing how crowded the Rome tourist destinations were, we decided to take a different approach for the main spots in Venice by visiting them at sunrise when all of the other tourists were still sleeping. I would highly recommend doing this at least once during a trip to Venice, as the city was simply magical in the first hour of the day! It felt so surreal to wander the alleys with nobody else around, and to see the calm water underneath the bridge taking a rest from the daily parade of power boats. During that hour, it felt like the city existed only for us.

venice_burano_081 venice_burano_082 venice_burano_083 venice_burano_084

Our first stop was St. Mark’s Square, or Piazza San Marco. It’s the only true square in Venice; all the other “squares” are called campi (fields) because they used to be covered in grass in the early days of Venice.

venice_burano_085 venice_burano_086

Right next to the Doge’s palace is the Bridge of Sighs. According to legend, the bridge got its name because it was the passageway from the palace to the jail, and prisoners on the way to their execution would sigh at the beauty of their last view of Venice from the small keyholes in the bridge. Instead, we viewed the bridge from the outside looking in, but we thought it was just as beautiful!

venice_burano_087 venice_burano_088 venice_burano_089 venice_burano_090 venice_burano_091 venice_burano_092 venice_burano_093 venice_burano_094

Venice has many stray cats which calmly observe the residents from the streets. Apparently there used to be a lot more, but the majority were collected and delivered to an island sanctuary. The few left in Venice loved to pose for my camera!

venice_burano_095 venice_burano_096 venice_burano_097 venice_burano_098 venice_burano_099

On a mission to find the best gelato in Venice, we discovered Gelateria Il Doge in the tucked-away neighborhood of Dorsoduro. My favorite flavor was Crema del Doge, which is vanilla, chocolate, and orange all mixed together. I tried to eat it from a cone like all the Italians do, but tragically, my scoop fell on the ground. The whole experience was quite comical!

venice_burano_100 venice_burano_101

Venetians are very proud of their “cicheti”, or what we call tapas. You can find adorable cicheti bars scattered all over the city. When we found one we loved, we ordered two Bellini, which were invented right outside of Venice.

venice_burano_102 venice_burano_103 venice_burano_104

There are no cars in Venice, so your choices for transportation are walking or taking a boat. Even the public bus is a boat! We enjoyed riding the vaporetto back and forth to see the Grand Canal and its elegant buildings from the water.

venice_burano_105 venice_burano_106 venice_burano_107 venice_burano_108 venice_burano_109 venice_burano_110 venice_burano_111 venice_burano_112

The local mascot of Venice is a winged lion. I learned that when Napoleon conquered Venice, many of the iron lion heads were chiseled away. I read that many of them were never repaired, leaving a reminder of Venice’s history behind.

venice_burano_113 venice_burano_114 venice_burano_115 venice_burano_116 venice_burano_117 venice_burano_118 venice_burano_119 venice_burano_120 venice_burano_121 venice_burano_122 venice_burano_123 venice_burano_124 venice_burano_125 venice_burano_126

Gondolas are the biggest tourist trap of Venice, since they exist purely for touristic purposes and cost a pretty penny. However, riding a gondola in Venice was one of only three items on my life bucket list, so I decided to take the plunge with E and experience the city with the help of a gondolier. We requested to ride in the tiny canals instead of the highly-trafficked Grand Canal. It seemed like we just glided peacefully along the emerald water, and it was one of my favorite experiences. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I’m really glad we did it!

venice_burano_127 venice_burano_128 venice_burano_129 venice_burano_130

We ended our last night with a delicious meal at La Zuppa followed by one last visit to our favorite gelato shop, Venchi!

venice_burano_131 venice_burano_132

SO, that concludes our honeymoon adventures! As much as my husband and I loved our trip to Italy, we are equally enthusiastic about the joy of just being HOME and the glory of Netflix + pajama pants. We couldn’t love our tiny little Boston apartment any more!

Thank you so much for reading, friends…I have loved reading all of your comments on social media and hearing your own Italy stories! If you enjoyed what you saw and would like to work together, please feel free to reach out!

NEW: Italy prints available for purchase here!

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