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Our Italian Honeymoon: Orvieto, Florence, & Cinque Terre
Our Italian Honeymoon: Orvieto, Florence, & Cinque Terre
Our Italian Honeymoon: Part 3 {Orvieto, Florence, & Cinque Terre}

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I’m so excited to share the third post of our four-part honeymoon! I’ve been prioritizing the delivery of my clients’ new images now that busy season is in full swing, but I couldn’t resist working on our honeymoon photos when I had a few free hours this weekend. It already feels like Italy was two lifetimes ago, and it was lovely to spend yesterday’s rainy afternoon remembering these crazy adventures with my husband!

If you missed the first two Italy posts, here’s the link to Amalfi Coast & Capri, and here’s the link to Rome. The fourth and last part of this series will feature the most photogenic city in the world: Venice!!!


Because our experience in Rome was chaotic at times and packed with 30 miles of walking, Emmanuel and I were SO GRATEFUL to have a couple of days in the quiet hill town of Orvieto to just relax and recover.


Orvieto is a tiny medieval town perched on top of a huge chunk of volcanic stone. We knew it would be charming from the pictures we saw ahead of time, but as an added bonus, Orvieto had the most lovely breeze. After sweating our way through Italy in July, we were really grateful for the milder weather. It was also nice to have a break from fearfully guarding my bag against pickpockets! At one point we just fell asleep in the grass in the middle of the afternoon. That luxury was not lost on me.


This was our adorable Airbnb! To get from our room to the center of town, it was quite a (literal) hike up the hill, but well worth the views at the top.

orvieto_travel_photos_03 orvieto_travel_photos_04 orvieto_travel_photos_24

We asked our host about the grapes on her property, and she told us they’re called “strawberry grapes.” They are exactly what they sound like — grapes that taste like strawberries! Mind blown.


Orvieto’s cathedral is quite a sight from all angles. The town is closed off to visitor cars, so we enjoyed just sitting on the ground in front of the cathedral and taking in all of its details. The front is filled with more ornamentation than I’ve ever seen in my life. The sides seem a bit like an optical illusion and I couldn’t look at them for too long without getting dizzy.

orvieto_travel_photos_05 orvieto_travel_photos_06 orvieto_travel_photos_07orvieto_travel_photos_27 orvieto_travel_photos_08 orvieto_travel_photos_09 orvieto_travel_photos_10 orvieto_travel_photos_11 orvieto_travel_photos_12 orvieto_travel_photos_13 orvieto_travel_photos_14

On our first evening in Orvieto, we went for a walk at sunset and accidentally stumbled into this stunning overlook. I felt like I was in a Disney fairytale or something. How do places this beautiful actually exist in real life?!

orvieto_travel_photos_15 orvieto_travel_photos_16 orvieto_travel_photos_17 orvieto_travel_photos_18 orvieto_travel_photos_19 orvieto_travel_photos_20 orvieto_travel_photos_21 orvieto_travel_photos_22

There was nobody around to take our photo, but we gave it our best shot anyway! Thank goodness for self-timer, because this is now one of my favorite photos of us of all time!!


Of course, we were still on a mission to find the best gelato in all of Italy…

orvieto_travel_photos_26 orvieto_travel_photos_28 orvieto_travel_photos_29 orvieto_travel_photos_31

As our trip went on, I became more comfortable with asking strangers to take their photo. When I asked these four men, “Posso fare una foto di voi?”, they laughed and let me take this image. I’m sure my Italian was horrible but I’m so glad they agreed! 🙂

orvieto_travel_photos_32 orvieto_travel_photos_33

We visited a local shop for a wine tasting, followed by pasta carbonara, which seemed to be a popular dish in Orvieto.

orvieto_travel_photos_34 orvieto_travel_photos_35 orvieto_travel_photos_36 orvieto_travel_photos_37 orvieto_travel_photos_38 orvieto_travel_photos_39 orvieto_travel_photos_40


From Orvieto, it was a quick train ride to Florence. We prepped ourselves for another city adventure, but we were surprised to find that Florence felt wayyyy more laidback than Rome. We experienced a really young, vibrant, trendy culture filled with artists, hipsters, hippies, and more delicious food than we ever hoped for. Of the three larger cities we visited (Rome, Florence, and Venice), Florence wasn’t quite as photogenic as the other two, but it was such a lovely city to just BE in. Awesome vibes.

florence_travel_photos_01 florence_travel_photos_02 florence_travel_photos_03 florence_travel_photos_04 florence_travel_photos_05 florence_travel_photos_06 florence_travel_photos_07

This was the view from our Airbnb. We we were located right around the corner from the Duomo, which made it super easy to crash after long days on our feet. I also loved that we had shutter-style windows so that I could watch what was happening down on the street, just like the Italians!

florence_travel_photos_26 florence_travel_photos_27 florence_travel_photos_28 florence_travel_photos_08 florence_travel_photos_09 florence_travel_photos_10 florence_travel_photos_11 florence_travel_photos_12

After our less-than-ideal touristy experiences in Rome, we decided to skip the line to see Michelangelo’s David. Instead, we enjoyed the bronze replica at Piazzale Michelangelo. No regrets!

florence_travel_photos_14 florence_travel_photos_13

I just couldn’t get over the stunning panoramic views from Piazzale Michelangelo. It felt like we were on top of the world.


The stairs overlooking the city fill up with tourists looking for prime seats to watch the sunset.

florence_travel_photos_16 florence_travel_photos_17 florence_travel_photos_18

After viewing Florence from above, we hurried back down to the Arno River to visit Ponte Vecchio at sunset.

florence_travel_photos_19 florence_travel_photos_21 florence_travel_photos_22 florence_travel_photos_23 florence_travel_photos_24 florence_travel_photos_25

Ohhh, Venchi. The most delicious gelato chain to ever exist, in my opinion.


The view from Piazza Michelangelo was just so beautiful that we decided to go back for a second afternoon. We just hung out for hours and never ran out of things to see. Between Florence’s beautiful skyline, the interesting people around us, and the breeze at the top of the hill, I could have stayed all day.

florence_travel_photos_30 florence_travel_photos_31 florence_travel_photos_32 florence_travel_photos_33

We spent so much time at the top that E’s cell phone died, and I didn’t have an international data plan. So we blindly navigated back to the main part of town, winding our way through back streets.

florence_travel_photos_34 florence_travel_photos_35

To commemorate our last night in Florence, we splurged for dinner at Parione by recommendation of a friend. This was my favorite meal of our entire three-week trip to Italy! The food was delicious, and the restaurant was so cozy and romantic. If you visit Florence, you have to pay this place a visit!



Cinque Terre, like many places in Italy, is pretty much a photographer’s heaven. And especially THIS photographer’s heaven. Given my love of bright colors, I just couldn’t get enough of Cinque Terre’s crayola box. It all seemed like candy! Even the water was so blue that it looked fake. I promise you that I didn’t Photoshop that color blue — it looked like that in real life!

cinque_terre_travel_photography_02cinque_terre_travel_photography_05 cinque_terre_travel_photography_04 cinque_terre_travel_photography_06 cinque_terre_travel_photography_07 cinque_terre_travel_photography_08 cinque_terre_travel_photography_09 cinque_terre_travel_photography_10

Rather than spending money dining in an overpriced tourist restaurant, I highly recommend ordering a takeout pizza, grabbing a bottle of wine, and eating on the rocks at sunset. One of the cheapest, most enjoyable dates you can have!

cinque_terre_travel_photography_11 cinque_terre_travel_photography_12

One of our best friends went on her own Italian adventure in July, and she planned her travels so that we could the three of us could have a little rendezvous in Cinque Terre for a day. Liz has been a part of our story seemingly forever, from the beginning of my  whirlwind relationship with E, to singing BEAUTIFULLY  at our wedding reception, to adventuring with us in Italy. We’ll be friends for a lifetime, and I’m so glad we have some Italian memories to add to our collection. 🙂

cinque_terre_travel_photography_13 cinque_terre_travel_photography_14 cinque_terre_travel_photography_15

This was our little Airbnb (highly recommended!) We chose Manarola as our home base, partly because I thought it was the most picturesque, but mostly because it was quieter and less touristy than some of the more popular towns. Our room had a balcony that overlooked the main street, and we loved hanging out and watching everyone pass by.

cinque_terre_travel_photography_01 cinque_terre_travel_photography_16

Another “big camera” selfie!

cinque_terre_travel_photography_17 cinque_terre_travel_photography_18 cinque_terre_travel_photography_19 cinque_terre_travel_photography_20

The five little towns are connected by train, and it was mostly easy to hop from town to town. However, we became very familiar with the word “sciopero,” or strike. Every day the trains would completely shut down from 2-4 p.m. We thought this was hilarious, because it basically meant that the workers were demanding an extended lunch break. 😉

cinque_terre_travel_photography_21 cinque_terre_travel_photography_22 cinque_terre_travel_photography_23 cinque_terre_travel_photography_24

On our last evening in Cinque Terre, E kindly humored my request to take a sunset photo of Vernazza from above. We took a little mini hike to get to this lookout. Not surprisingly, we were in the company of several other photographers who had the same idea! 🙂

cinque_terre_travel_photography_25 cinque_terre_travel_photography_26

Thanks for reading! Until next time….Venice!!!

NEW: Italy prints available for purchase here!

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