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for the modern mama who wants to leave a vibrant legacy (and never says no to a snuggle)

What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought, and before you know it all you’ve got are some cell phone snapshots? What if weeks turn into months turn into years, and you’re left struggling to remember the days when your baby used to fit in your arms?

Imagine bottling up the fleeting moments of babyhood — not only what they look like, but what they feel like. Imagine you and your newborn in true-to-life, organic, connected imagery — and being able to hold those moments in your hands 20 years from now.

Introducing Kate L lifestyle newborn sessions. Give me a couple of hours, and I’ll give you an experience as memorable as your final images — and we don’t even have to leave your house!

Every family has a colorful story. I’d love to tell yours.

why choose kate?
  • Exceptional Customer Service

    I’m a perfectionist in every way — especially in how I serve my clients.  Email responses and image turnaround will always be speedy! If you have a special deadline, I will try to honor it at no extra charge. That’s how I roll — you are important to me!

  • Endless Patience & Enthusiasm

    Babies do things on their own terms, and I expect this! I’m not upset when your newborn decides it’s time to feed, or when your one-year-old keeps crawling away. I simply love working with babies.

  • Yes, you’re photogenic!

    All of the images you see in my portfolio feature REAL people, not models.  Nobody comes into a session knowing what to do in front of the camera, so it’s my job to coach you! I’ll help you set up each pose and give you little tips to make you look your best.

  • Problems solved before they happen.

    With 11 years of experience and 1,000 sessions under my belt, I’m great at anticipating tricky situations and resolving them in advance. Because I regularly work with newborns, I have lots of helpful tips up my sleeve!

  • You’ll have a personal stylist.

    If you don’t have perfectly Pinterest-styled outfits, that’s TOTALLY OK! We can create gorgeous images no matter what you’re wearing. BUT, if you’re like me and love to plan, I’m happy to help! I’ll send you clothing tips and sample combos for inspiration, or you can even have me choose your outfits for you.

  • I genuinely love KLP families.

    When you work with KLP, you become my extended family. I’ll cheer with you when your baby graduates from kindergarten, and I’ll tear up if you move away from Boston. I’ve been photographing some of my clients since way back in 2008, and it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch their children grow and change.

Peek behind the scenes!

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