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My Top 10 Netflix Picks

Nothing makes editing pass faster than binge-watching (or I guess I should say binge-listening) Netflix in the background. I’ve seen a greater percentage of Netflix’s inventory than I care to admit! I rigged a Thunderbolt monitor as my personal office theater, and it makes me look forward to Photoshop marathons. Here are my personal picks to make the time fly by!

Disclaimer: The poster images included in this post are NOT the property of Kate L Photography. The use of scaled-down, low-resolution images of the posters to provide commentary on the shows qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.

1) Parenthood — I’m not even a mom yet, but Parenthood made me cry more than any other TV show. The show features an incredible cast of well-rounded and relatable characters who tackle complex problems. All the feels!


2) New Girl — Because I like to pretend that I’m as adorable and well-dressed as Zoey Deschanel’s Jess. When really, the main thing we have in common is being awkward. 😉


3) Friends — A classic for a reason. When I finished all ten seasons, I started right back at the beginning. Because “Oh. My. God.” and “We were on a break!” just never gets old, and Phoebe’s songs sound even better with repetition!

4) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – I’m inspired and entertained by Kimmy’s relentless optimism despite NYC’s best attempts to take her down. This show is eccentric, charming, colorful, and hilarious. All my favorite things!


5) Friday Night Lights – There’s nothing like a good Coach Taylor pep talk to keep me editing those flyaway hairs like a boss! Although it’s a football-themed show, it’s really a story about family, community, hard work, and perseverance.


6) House of Cards — Politics, conspiracy, power, corruption, Kevin Spacey. This thrilling show is a perfect recipe to conquer way more editing than you thought possible.


7) Parks & Rec — If I had to choose a TV character to represent my life, I would aspire to be Leslie Knope. She is unapologetically herself. She shares my obsessive need for perfection, but is so passionate about life that you just can’t help but love her.


8) Scandal – Watching this show while I edit is both a gift and a struggle because I have to keep sneaking peeks at Olivia Pope’s fabulous outfits. I’ll take her whole closet, please!


9) Bloodline — Set in the Florida Keys, this thriller/drama is anything but sunny, and it had me HOOKED from the first five minutes. I finished the entire show in three days flat.


10) Orange is the New Black — Nothing gets in the way of the need for human connection, not even prison. The stories of the women in this show, both individually and as a community, never fail to make me laugh, cry, and laugh-cry.


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