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margie & meri | boston family portraits

Margie is my orchestra manager at New England Conservatory, meaning she’s the person who will keep me in line if I’m late to rehearsal! šŸ˜‰ I’ve always enjoyed getting to talk to her outside of orchestra because she’s also a photographer, and so I was thrilled when she asked me to take photos with her wife and new puppy.

She and Meredith have an incredible partnership, and I felt fortunate to hear their story during the session. They met in 1997 at a Friday night Sabbath service and dated for four months before Margie’s new job took her to Miami. They decided to do long distance for three years, lived in New York for a year and finally moved to Boston together in 2002. Marriage equality came to Massachusetts in 2004, which was perfect timing because they had started to plan a commitment ceremony.

“Suddenly we had the option of making it legal,” says Margie, “which we did in May of 2004. Coincidentally, Coretta Scott King was the NEC commencement speaker the day before it became legal. Very cool.”

Margie and Meri looove their dog Louie. Here’s his story: “We got him on July 22 which is the same day Prince George was born. Louie was born on April 15 which was Marathon Monday. Just goes to show that even on the darkest of days, puppies and babies are born. Louie also has a very distinctive marking which looks like a Red Sox beard. We call him the Boston Strong dog.”

I had the best time walking around the JP Arboretum on a chilly but beautiful fall afternoon. There are few things I love more than days filled with good light and good people!


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