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lindsey + tommy, engaged! | fenway park engagement photos

Last week, Lindsey called me from Erie to tell me she had just gotten engaged and was coming to Boston TOMORROW to see the Red Sox at Fenway Park with her new fiancé. When she asked me if I was available to take pictures of them around Fenway Park, I tried to conceal my extreme excitement so I wouldn’t scare her away, but inside my head, I was screaming “YES! YES! YES!” Not just because I LOVE taking engagement pictures, but because I’ve been living in the Fenway neighborhood for over a year now, and I’ve been waiting for the moment I could photograph a Sox-themed engagement session before an evening game.

Not only did I get to check something off my photography bucket list, but the evening was even more special because Tommy had been a Red Sox fan for his entire life, but this was his first visit to see the Sox at Fenway Park. So incredible!

I’m so glad I was able to get to know them for a day! They are SO laid-back and sweet, despite all of my crazy requests. Let’s tally up all the things I asked them to do in one evening:
1) “Can you guys sit on the ground here…and here…and here?”
2) “OK, now can you take off your sweatshirt so I can get a picture of your ring?”
3) “Let’s go find 7 random fans to be in a picture with you.”
4) “How about we put a hot dog in one of your photos?”
5) “What about a photo with that crazy guy on stilts?”

As for the story of Tommy and Lindsey’s engagement, I figured I would let them tell you themselves 😉 Here goes:

Together April 2012 • Engaged April 18, 2014


:: Occupation: Sales rep
:: Hometown: Erie, PA
:: According to Tommy, she is:  smart, loving, caring, hard-working, nurturing


:: Occupation: Mental Health Worker
:: Hometown: Erie, PA
:: According to Lindsey, he is: gentle, thoughtful, considerate, hard-working, dedicated

How they met: “Tommy and I met through Little League Baseball. Our boys are the same age and my son was drafted to Tommy’s team. I remember Tommy telling me I took your son in the first round draft pick for my team. I noticed Tommy right away at the field and I still remember that first phone call he made to let me know what team my son was on! Tommy, being the head coach of the team, would often text updates about practice and things to the parents. I was actually in the Arby’s drive -thru getting dinner for us after the game and my phone went off.. it was Tommy, he text and said “Hunter did really good at practice tonight ;)” Once he texted me the winky face I had instant butterflies in my stomach! That is the night that started it all, we hit it off right away!” -Lindsey

How he proposed: “Tommy and I were getting ready to leave in a couple days for Boston so Tommy was talking to the kids about plans while we were gone. Then the kids went downstairs and he went back down to get them again … Tommy came upstairs with the kids all around him and he dropped to his knee and said: “Will you marry me?” I smacked him with a magazine and told him to shut up…I thought he was playing a joke!! (There were three black jewelry boxes downstairs where he had just came from and that is what he had in his hand. I thought for sure when he went downstairs a second time he brought the kids up to play a joke and fake a proposal!) Once I actually really looked over at him and saw he was still down on his knee with the most beautiful perfect ring in the box, I couldn’t even speak…I didn’t know what to say!! It was absolutely perfect and just simply “us.” -Lindsey


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