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jeannie & brad, engaged! | boston engagement photographer

To say it simply wouldn’t be San Francisco without these two is a major understatement. I’ve visited twice, and both times they were the most fabulous hosts. Because of them, I have experienced the coolest views of SF. And not just the touristy views (although they were kind enough to show me the perfect Golden Gate spot when I begged!), but all the local spots as well. This is the couple that made me fall in love with the vibrancy and quirkiness of the city. After crashing with them for four days, I was a little teary to leave them behind. :'(

These images were actually taken at the end of Jeannie’s headshot session. We ended at a perfect spot called the Sutro Baths, right around the corner from where she grew up. Once the world’s largest indoor swimming pool, the Baths dissolved into financial ruin, and the remains left behind are some of the coolest/spookiest things I’ve ever seen. Brad came along to help out with Jeannie’s session, and he jumped in a few of the photos at the end (who knew they would later turn into engagement pictures?!).

What started out as a foggiest evening transformed into the most gorgeous sunset. Sometimes everything just falls into place, and I’m left feeling so happy and content that it seems like my heart could simply explode at any minute. This evening was definitely one of those moments, and I picked the perfect people to spend it with.

Fast forward a few days, and I get a text from Vegas, where Jeannie & Brad headed after I left SF. I open it up, and it’s a picture from Jeannie…of an engagement ring!!! My jaw dropped to the floor! I seriously can’t think of two people that are more suited for each other. They ARE love in every way: laughter, patience, respect. They inspire me and crack me up at the same time. And I am so excited that they’re getting married!!


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