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how I celebrated my birthday (aka random acts of kate)

A week ago, I discovered Robyn, an amazing woman who decided to commit 38 random acts of kindness on her 38th birthday. I thought her idea was just incredible, and so I set out to spread the love. I honestly can’t recommend a better way to spend a birthday–I don’t remember the last time I smiled so much! I just love the idea that it’s possible to touch a stranger’s life and make their day a tiny bit better 🙂

I would love to hear about your random acts of kindness! Please post your own ideas and I’ll share them on the blog!

21 Random Acts of Kate
1) Wrote a check to ArtPeace for $25 (thanks to everyone who commented!!)
2) Left a thank you note for my mailman with a few pictures and some cookies
3) Left change at the Laundromat
4) Bought coffee for the two people in line behind me at Java’s
5) Brought holiday cookies to my friend Andy
6) Bought coffee for the firemen—they were awesome and let me check out the trucks!
7) Left notes on people’s car windows telling them to have a wonderful Friday (ETA: My roommate just read this blog post, and told me that she heard some people outside our window talking about how they thought my dashboard note was a ticket, and then they read the note and it made their day 🙂 Hooray!)
8) Taped change to a vending machine
9) Bought a dozen roses and passed them out to strangers
10) Took a free picture for two little girls at the Nutcracker and emailed it to their mom
11) Bought balloons and gave them out to little kids at McDonald’s (my favorite was a little girl who ran up to her mom and said “LOOK! A lady gave me a balloon!”)
12) Dropped quarters heads-up for little kids to find
13) Hid dollar bills in the kids’ birthday card section with instructions for parents to give the money to their kids
14) Donated 21 cans of food
15) Went through the McDonalds drive-through and paid for the next person
16) Bought a gift card to Jine’s, left it with a dining couple, and walked out
17) Sat on Park Ave and handed out water bottles to joggers.
18) Wrote a letter to my middle school coach whom I’ve been meaning to thank forever
19) Put together a care package for two dear friends of mine.
20) Made a CD of happy music for a friend who has a busy December ahead of her
21) Bought an anonymous gift card for the lady in line behind me at Wegmans. I think this was my favorite reaction of the day. The cashier went from being confused to surprised to happy.

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