Hi, I'm Kate!

When I received my first DSLR in 2007, it was love at first snap (oh, that Rebel XTi sure was glorious!). Now, 10 years later, I feel beyond lucky to call photography my full-time job.

I love talking shop with photographers, and I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned  — I’m an open book! Whether you’ve been shooting for years or days, I’m ready to help you create a business that serves your lifestyle and brings you joy.

Pull up a chair, grab some iced coffee, and take a peek at some of my favorite resources for making your life easier!

things we can chat about in
coaching sessions
1Shooting Technique
  • The equipment that I use and trust
  • Camera fundamentals (aperture, shutter speed, shooting mode, focus, exposure, ISO, etc.)
  • How to take advantage of natural light (backlighting, open shade, window light, silhouetting, etc.)
  • How to get subjects to relax in front of the camera
  • Building a relationship with your clients
  • What makes a great shooting location
  • My must-have shots and shooting order
  • Learn everything that I do to achieve my editing style
  • Follow me start-to-finish as I edit an image, starting in Lightroom and ending in Photoshop
  • How I quickly narrow down the images from a session
  • Photoshop shortcuts that will save you time
  • Topics within Lightroom: bringing life into your skin tones, cropping for strong composition, changes I make to every single image, using the HSL panel, etc.
  • Topics within Photoshop: curves, levels, sharpening, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, fixing flyaway hairs, etc.
  • Monitor calibration
3Client Communication
  • Organizational tools, including client questionnaires, contracts, and session guides
  • Streamlining your client’s user experience
  • Communicating session expectations, style, and delivery timeline
  • Communicating your brand with strong writing
  • Dealing with difficult client situations
  • Finding your ideal clients
  • Defining your brand and business image
  • Building your business through email marketing
  • Boosting your Google ranking through SEO
  • Blogging topics for when you’re out of ideas
  • Tools I use to manage my marketing calendar
  • Using social media to your advantage
  • Getting people to spread the word for you
  • Using your writing effectively
  • Organizing your portfolio to your advantage
  • Writing a bio for your website
5Pricing & Sales
  • Pricing your services to achieve the lifestyle you want
  • Setting a separate budget for your business and paying yourself a salary
  • Sales methods: online vs. IPS (I have experience with both)
  • Pricing and collection psychology
  • How to reach six-figure sales numbers
6Workflow & Time Management
  • My start-to-finish workflow for every client, beginning from the initial phone call to the final thank you note
  • Tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your Gmail inbox
  • Optimizing your Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Reader to serve your business
  • Juggling your business & other life commitments while staying sane 🙂
  • Client scheduling: dos and don’ts
  • Registering your legal business
  • Creating a business bank account and paying yourself a salary
  • Collecting and paying sales tax
  • Systems for bookkeeping
  • Hiring an accountant that’s right for you
  • Budgeting for your business and measuring against industry benchmarksPlease note that any financial advice given is from personal experience, and this advice should not be used as a substitute for consulting a professional accountant.
8...and more!
  • Vendors I trust & use regularly, include photo labs, website templates, designers, and packaging suppliers
  • My top 3 tips to quickly grow your business in a brand new city
  • Mistakes I’ve made in 9 years of business, and what I’ve learned from them
  • Additional courses, books, and other resources for you to keep learning after we meet

Coaching sessions are $175 per hour of Skype instruction, and each session includes an optional portfolio review. Should you choose to have me review your work, I will check out your portfolio before our online meeting and we will spend the first 5-10 minutes discussing your strengths and things to work on.

7 Sanity Savers for Photographers
7 Sanity Savers for Photographers

Are you overwhelmed by emails and drowning in edits? I’ve been right there with you in those 3 a.m. marathon work sessions, wondering how the heck I got to that point.

Luckily I’m here to report that I made it through and there’s life on the other side! Here are 7 of my favorite sanity savers that I’ve picked up over the last 9 years.

Yes, let’s do this! I’m ready to get my life back:

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Your free guide is ready for you…pull up a chair and grab a cup of (iced) coffee!


a few of my favorite tools

  • Trello

    The ultimate (free!) tool that keeps my workflow organized

  • You Need a Budget

    My favorite budgeting software of all time, and the key to financial freedom in my business

  • Agree

    Contracts + automated payments all in one, so I don’t have to bug clients about late invoices

  • Photo Mechanic

    Lickety split image culling software that instantly renders humongous files

  • Wave Apps

    Bookkeeping, digital receipt storage, and income reporting all in one


    I’m the worst at remembering to post images on Instagram, but Later has my back!

  • ShootProof

    I’ve been hosting my proof galleries with them since 2011 and I’m still in love!

  • Adobe Products

    Nothing compares to watching my images come to life in Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Moleskine Notebooks

    Because as much as I love tech, nothing compares to checking off a paper to-do list

  • Mailchimp

    My favorite way to stay in touch with my clients (and my photog friends!)

  • Pixellu

    SmartAlbums and SmartSlides totally rock my world.

  • 1Password

    My favorite solution for all of those “Have you lost your password?” moments

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“I always thought about one-on-one mentoring, but was scared that it wouldn’t produce results. Kate gave me the confidence to raise my prices (a huge scary jump!), which has actually resulted in getting to work with MORE of my ideal clients and getting paid what I deserve. We focused on how to get more incoming clients, and after streamlining and altering my prospective client process, I’m booking more weddings!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results, and I love how patient and supportive Kate is!!! She definitely kicked my ass in gear – THANK YOU!”

Lena Mirisola


“Running a photography business is so much more than taking great photos and at times, the business side of things can get pretty overwhelming! Kate helped me sort through all things legal and financial and considering she’s been running a successful photography business for 10 years, I knew I was in good hands before even meeting her! Kate is so knowledgeable, encouraging and an all around sweetheart. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to add that extra sparkle to their creative endeavors!

Julianne Lesinski, Scarlet Roots Photography


“Before meeting with Kate I struggled with pricing structures and editing my images for a “stand out” look. Her honest feedback helped me evaluate my business and set new goals. Kate gave me amazing editing tips & clarity in pricing for my ideal client. She helped me to realize my value and set client expectations. I highly recommend meeting with Kate to get clear direction to reach your photography business goals!”

Allie Reveley

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