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emily taubl, cello | boston headshot photographer

It was the end of fall, and Emily had contacted me asking if I would take her photos. We only had a few days before the colorful leaves would retire for the winter, and so just two days after her initial email, I cleared out a space in my schedule and we made plans for her photos.

On the day of the session, time was already limited, but life got even BETTER when I stepped outside and realized that the sun had suddenly turned to HAIL (c’mon, Boston?!) I called Emily to see if she could reschedule, but she had already finished her hair and makeup appointment…so we decided to tough it out! I still don’t know how she managed to look like a serene princess, because you should have seen what I looked like in contrast– I was wearing a coat and still FREEZING!

Despite a tight timeframe and bizarrely bad weather, we somehow still managed to have a blast (at least, I know I did!) I love Emily’s amazing capacity to go with the flow, and I got to hear all about how much she loves the people in her life.

Read more about Emily on her website, or check out this awesome 2007 article about her in the New York Times.


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