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clara's seventh month
clara's seventh month
Clara’s Seventh Month

Ooof…Clara is almost eight months old and I’m just now getting around to posting her seven-month update! This month I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get my business re-opened, so my spare time has gone into that instead of finishing this post. I still have tons of photos to share though!

Here’s the news from her seventh month:

  • Clara has turned into a baby on the MOVE! She is not crawling yet, but she’s very close….she pivots around in circles, rolls to grab objects that she wants, and manages to wiggle her way into very surprising spots. One day I left her on her back on the diaper changing pad to go wash my hands, and when I came back she had shimmied herself all the way off the mat onto the carpet and then flipped herself onto her belly to play. I think we are going to have our hands extremely full soon!
  • Her favorite toys are still random objects. This month she’s been especially into the drawstrings and tassels on my pajama pants (she tries to eat it like broccoli) as well as the warning tag on her playmat (of all the interesting things on there, she chooses the tag, LOL!). Oh, and she’s still super into painfully grabbing my hair, of course.
  • Our favorite skill she picked up this month is shimmying! One night we were getting ready to put her to bed, and she just started wiggling her hips and shoulders like she was dancing! She’s been doing it more and more whenever she is really happy or excited about something.
  • She’s still sleeping 11.5 hours at night, which is a huge gift! She hit the 3-2 nap transition shortly after six months, which surprised us, but after a couple solid weeks of two-nap days she was back to three again. I think there’s just a lot going on in her brain right now with learning to eat and move, and hopefully we’ll be back to two again soon!
  • Whenever she’s fussy, we keep checking her mouth for teeth, but nothing has shown up yet!
  • This month I started trying to take her outdoors more now that the weather is warming up and turning to spring. We’ve been going for walks in her stroller since she was a newborn, but I’m also trying to get her used to hanging out on a blanket in the park for awhile. She is such a different baby outdoors and gets really quiet and sometimes grumpy – I think it’s just a lot for her to take in! I’m hoping she loves being outdoors if we keep trying it more!
  • She started solid food on her six-month birthday and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it! We procrastinated starting solids for SO long because the choking part of it scared us a lot, but the more practice she gets, the more we’re starting to trust that everything will be OK. We decided to try Baby Led Weaning and I love that she eats everything that the adults do, just modified for her age!
  • Her first foods were avocado and banana (which turned out to be the only food she doesn’t really love so far!) She didn’t quite to know what to do with the food at first, but she got the hang of it after a few days of trying!
  • Her favorite foods so far are eggs, meatballs, and avocado toast….what a millennial 😉 She’s also obsessed with shoving spoons into her mouth and making sure she gets every last bite of food! We are thinking she might take after E, who I call a human garbage disposal because he never lets a single piece of food go to waste.
  • Although Clara is a very enthusiastic eater so far, she’s extremely messy – but that’s kind of the fun of it, too! It’s kinda cute seeing pasta sauce smeared all over her face, arms, and high chair! (Not so fun cleaning it up though…that is always a true team effort for E and me! Thank goodness for splat mats!)
  • The best part about starting solids is that it’s been a great reason for us to all sit down at the table and spend time together. We used to eat dinner on the couch whenever we had a free minute, but now most days we have “family dinner” and it’s been really nice.

That’s all for month seven…hopefully I’ll have her eight-month post up next week! 😉


Her very first meal: avocado and banana! She’s mostly just eating her fingers here though, ha!

E is trying to demonstrate how to eat the banana 😂

Not such a fan of banana the first time, but it’s grown on her since then!

E still reads her books in Spanish every day and we got some of our favorites in both languages. Chica Chica Bum Bum still going strong!

Her “official” six month photos with the same flowers I used for her newborn photos 😭

I think I find this more scary than cute, but she’s started smiling for selfies?!! We don’t have the phone around her much at all, so I think it’s more like a virtual mirror to her and she thinks it’s hilarious.

LOVES LOVES LOVES broccoli. She’ll shove the whole thing in her mouth and then try to eat more before she’s finished the first bite. It makes me giggle that she’s a broccoli fanatic.

Family dinner! She’s banging on the table, which usually means she wants MORE!

Saturday mornings with these two are my fave!

The sass is strong in this one!

E is still super into puzzles on the weekends and he always lets Clara put in the last piece.

In her eyes, nobody can compete with Daddy. I can spend all day entertaining her and loving on her, but the second he walks into the room she ONLY has eyes for him. They are already besties.

Lovevery mat still going strong!

I went a little overboard with the Easter photos!

Her face in the second one!!! Ahahaha! I think we are going to have a very spunky toddler on our hands next year!

This was Clara’s first time sitting in the grass and she wasn’t a fan! But I do still love the teary photos and think they are so sweet. We had a good cuddle afterward and hopefully did not traumatize her for life 😉

This was clearly part of our BLW meal plan 😉

No matter how cool her own food is, she’d always rather have Daddy’s sandwich instead.

There are few things she loves more than getting wrapped up in a big towel after her bath!

The day of Easter…we didn’t have plans since our families are in different states, but we did have some nice phone calls with them! So excited that they are finally able to visit in person soon now that they’re vaccinated!

Making friends with Poppy the Bunny 🙂

As much as I enjoy dressing her up for photos, some of my faves always end up being candid moments around the house like these.

Here she was playing with the shadow from her hand!

Finally getting some good porch weather!

I’ve been excited to take her to see the cherry blossoms since before she was born!

Our first DSLR photos of all three of us since she was three months old! Taking tripod family photos with a wiggly baby is NO JOKE, but I’m so glad to have these.

While we were taking these, my good friend Bella spotted us and offered to take a few for us! She took the next three photos and I adore them. So grateful to you, Bella!!

Seven months old!!!

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