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North Point Park Family Session
North Point Park Family Session
Cambridge Family Photographer | North Point Park

I’m thrilled to feature Sophia’s family on the blog today! I first met them in the fall of 2015 when I photographed her son’s newborn photos, and I saw them several more times over the next year before they moved to D.C. (definitely check out the very last picture on this post, where you can see her son’s progression over that year – such a fun series to capture for them!) You really get to know someone well when you spend time with them in their home, and I was so sad to see them go!

Fast-forward to 2018, and I was so surprised to see Sophia’s name pop into my inbox again! They were planning a family vacation back to Boston and asked if I would photograph them again. There was absolutely zero hesitation before I answered: OF COURSE!!!

It was bittersweet to see how much the kids had grown since I last saw them in 2016 – they had (seemingly magically) morphed into chatterboxes who loved to ham it up in front of the camera! It was especially strange to be out of breath while running after a kiddo that had easily fit into my arms the last time I saw him, but like a proud aunt, I was in awe of all that they had learned and accomplished in the last couple of years.

As a fun side note, this first image was picked up by both Minted and Shutterfly (with the client’s permission) – glad to see that I’m not the only one who loves it!

I’ll let Sophia tell you more about their session – scroll down to read a little interview with her!

First names shared with permission.


Please tell us a little bit about your family:

My youngest Asher (now 3 years old), was born in Boston. Moving to Boston from the DC area was unexpected due to my husband’s job change. Life was pretty chaotic uprooting from all of my closest friends and family while trying to settle in a new area. I was also pregnant at the time while my husband was always traveling for work and I had a 2 year old daughter, Audrey to take care of. Looking back I don’t know how I survived without family support but there were plenty of happy moments especially when my son Asher was born.

How did you decide that this was the right time to hire a professional photographer? Were you marking a special occasion?

My husband and I made a commitment early in our relationship to invest in a professional photographer to capture moments in our lives once a year. It’s easy to use an iPhone and snap away but we often forget to capture ourselves (Matt & I) or as a family. The pictures we love the most are the ones taken professionally captured in the right moment at the right time. We’ve hired a few professional photographers over the years and so we have a critical eye in making sure we find the right person.

Why did you choose Kate L Photography?

I saw pictures of her work on her website and thought they were beautiful. More importantly after a few interactions I could tell that Kate had the warm personality and was the type of person that I would want to invite into my home and life. Having someone take your photos is quite personal and I wanted someone I could trust.

How did you plan your family’s clothing?

I knew the photo session would happen in the fall because I planned it around my kids birthdays (October 23 & 24). I also think the fall season is so beautiful with the leaves changing colors and so I chose a few primary fall colors that would be the base of the color scheme. I also knew it would be cold and I didn’t want us wearing bulky jackets so I opted for the sweaters and once I found the right sweaters for Matt & I (keeping it simple) and adapted the kids outfits around us. I didn’t want to be too restrictive or matchy matchy pictures look staged rather than organic.

Where was your session held and why? (any special significance to this spot?)

The park was chosen by our photographer, the great Kate. The location worked out great because it was close to the airport and the photo session was few hours before we had to catch our flight back to DC. I trusted Kate to find the right backdrop for the family photo session and she did. It was definitely a bonus to have a playground on site. Boston is a city that will always be near and dear to my heart so we wanted to make sure we capture that in our photos.

What was your favorite part of the session?

Seeing my two kids just act silly, laugh, play and yet somehow stand still for an occasional photo was a great experience. My kids never sit still and they certainly don’t listen to me when I ask them to look at the camera. Somehow Kate was able to earn their trust right away and capture some amazing photos. Thank you!!

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before hiring a photographer? How did you feel afterward?

My biggest worry was that my kids would not want to be there and just shut down. I was worried that my kids would be crying, pouting and that I’d end up with maybe one decent photo and a lot of other not so good ones.

Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

No funny stories to share. The entire experience though was great. All I can remember is how happy the kids were and how much laughing and giggling was going on while they were in front of the camera.

Of all the photos we took, which is your #1 favorite and why?

The kids dancing together. I plan on framing that picture and hanging it on my bedroom wall. I’ve never seen them do that before or since the photo shoot.

Do you have any advice to other families before their photo session?

Make sure the kids are fed, hydrated and had a potty session before the photo shoot. A good nap is also a plus. Also bring snacks and candy to bribe them, just in case. Also, try and relax and go with the flow. Kate knows what she’s doing so let her lead.

How have you used the images from your session, or what are you planning to do with them? How have your family/friends reacted to the images?

We had a few photos made into Christmas cards. Minted actually liked them they have copies on their website. Also, we plan on printing a couple and having them nicely framed to display in our home.

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