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boston young composers ensemble | boston headshots

Boston Young Composers Ensemble (BYCE) is a new chamber music collective here in town, and I had quite an adventure photographing all eleven people together yesterday afternoon. BYCE’s goal is to promote the music of emerging composers in the area and play the music of the millennial generation of composers, a mission that I completely believe in! I had coffee with founder and artistic director Mike Avitabile after the shoot, and I loved what he had to say about his work with the ensemble:

“I’m a lot more fearless in everything that I do now; I just don’t see limitations anymore. Before starting BYCE, I felt as if I was always waiting for an acceptance letter. Now, if my group can think it, we can do it, and that gives me a lot of faith in being a musician and an artist. I’m never bored because it’s all so rewarding.”





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