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arnold arboretum family photo session | boston south end family photographer

You know a session is going to rock when you walk up to the park where you’re meeting your client, and you’re looking around to see if you can find them among all of the families enjoying the beautiful weather. And you spot an adorable family and you hope with all your heart that those are your clients because they look like so much fun. And then they ask, “Are you Kate?” 🙂

Let me list a few of the many things I love about this family:

– I love that when I suggested we take photos of mom & dad together, mom started tearing up because she was so happy. Broke my heart into a million pieces (in the best way possible).
– I love that they’re moving all the way to India to make memories as a young family (although I will really miss them!)
– I love that when I suggested a tickle fight, they went ALL OUT. No shortage of giggles here!
– I love the way dad believes in playing (he showed me a fun game where they race two flowers down the river — so cute!)
– I love the way mom’s face becomes really peaceful when she has her kids in her arms.
– I love that both parents love their kids fiercely (it really shows in their images!)

Needless to say, I went home a very happy photographer that evening. That is, until I had to start narrowing the images down…because I just loved them all way too much! 😉

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family photographs in jamaica plain

brother and sister photographs in downtown boston

children tug mom and dad toward the camera

Photo of children with dad in arnold arboretum.

mom kisses son in outdoor photography.

casual & candid family photography in boston.

black & white family portrait in south end.

colorful family photography in brookline and boston.

casual family photography based in fort point, boston.

mom and daughter dance together.

mom and daughter photo in arnold arboretum.

black and white portrait of child in boston.

newton family photographer.

brother and sister photographed playing outdoors at arnold arboretum.

brother swings upside down in dad's arms.

family makes faces at the camera!.

brother and sister hug each other.

dad gives son a piggyback ride in boston's arnold arboretum.

dad and daughter poses, photographed by

mom and daughter pictured together in boston, ma

casual and candid family photography in boston's south end.

candid child portrait in newton, ma

black and white portrait of child in newton, ma

mom and dad pictured together during family photo session

little boy climbs a tree in arnold arboretum

casual and colorful family photography.

candid family photo of dad and two children in boston.

flower floats down the river.

 two children kiss mom on the cheek. photographed outdoors in jamaica plain

mom and daughter in jamaica plain, MA

colorful portrait of brother and sister

mom hugs her two children for family portrait in newton, ma

candid family photos in boston

colorful portraits of mom and daughter in the spring in Boston

black and white portrait of mom and two children in arnold arboretum

two children peek out and make faces!

two children photographed with mom in south boston, ma

mom and daughter photographed in boston's south end

lifestyle photo of daughter by tree

mom lifts son into the air at boston's arnold arboretum.

daddy/daughter piggyback ride at arnold arboretum.

daddy/daughter piggyback ride.

family photos at the hunnewell visitor center in jamaica plain.

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