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Boston Local Spotlight: The Foodery
Boston Local Spotlight: The Foodery
Boston Local Spotlight: The Foodery



After my recent post about quitting added sugar, I received a ton of feedback — you guys are awesome! I’m so happy to hear that so many of you are going to give the sugar-free lifestyle a try. I believe in you!!!

Many of you sent me questions about the best way to get started, and I would argue that the biggest key to success in starting a new lifestyle is having a backup plan for when things get stressful and busy. (Because life WILL get stressful and busy, and that’s when you’ll be most likely to crack.) So, I thought I would spotlight one of my favorite local resources for helping you begin the no-sugar adventure in a way that doesn’t suck all of your time and energy!

Enter The Foodery. I found them via their delicious-looking photos on Instagram, and these guys truly saved my butt during the autumn shooting season, since I was working double-time making everyone’s holiday card photos! After working full-time hours at the office followed by a fast-paced outdoor photo session, I felt like it was the hardest thing in the world to accomplish anything when I got home in the evening. It would have been so easy to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dinner and go to bed, and I totally would have slipped if I didn’t have healthy food waiting for me in the fridge.

I researched a lot of local options for food delivery, and I settled on The Foodery for a few reasons:

  1. Friends had recommended companies that deliver pre-measured ingredients for you to cook yourself. That sounded awesome in theory, but I needed a zero-maintenance option to get me through the autumn, since I am prone to dirty dishes and kitchen fires. 😉
  2. I loved the convenience of fast food, but I didn’t love putting unhealthy and untrustworthy ingredients into my body. Once I started researching labels, I found out that some of my favorite restaurants (like Panera) pack their meals with sugar, even for items you wouldn’t consider to be sugary. I love that The Foodery includes a transparent ingredient list with every option, so I know exactly what I’m ordering without having to hunt for a hidden nutritional pamphlet.
  3. They deliver straight to my apartment…enough said!!
  4. They use organic and locally-sourced ingredients, which gives me extra peace-of-mind.
  5. I don’t get bored because their menu changes every week!

As I wasn’t already won over, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal email from one of the co-owners after a couple of months of orders, thanking me for eating with The Foodery. The two guys who run this business truly care about what they’re doing, and I think you can taste it in the food!

SO, lovely blog readers, I’m very happy to tell you that The Foodery has hooked me up with a discount code for you to taste the magic for yourselves!

Between now and April 17th, go here and use the code “KateFoodery2016” for 20% off your order. There may or not be another code going out in my next email newsletter (wink, wink), so make sure you’re signed up here to receive the bonus offer!

And because I’m a total dork and like to take pictures of my food before I eat it (my fiancé loves this habit, obviously), here are a few snaps of recent delicious meals:


Greek Chicken Stuffed Peppers


Shrimp Veggie Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

For 20% off your next order, go here and enter the code “KateFoodery2016” at checkout.


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