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Boston Harborwalk | Seaport Family Photographer
Boston Harborwalk | Seaport Family Photographer
Boston Harborwalk | Seaport Family Photographer

(First names used with permission)

Kate’s note: Brandon is actually a really talented photographer himself, and I first met him as a student, not a client! We had so much fun talking shop and practicing different lighting techniques. When we took his family photos later that summer, I had to make sure I actually followed the advice that I gave him šŸ˜‰ I also took a TON of pictures of him and his son together, since the family photographer is always missing from the frame!

Luckily they could not have made my job more easy, especially his firecracker son Carter (OMG…the hair on that kid! Incredible!!). Carter is not one to be contained, and he’s forever coming up with his own game plan. I love photographing independent kiddos….there’s never a boring day that way!

I’ll let Brandon tell you more about his family and their session experience!

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

We’re a family of 3 living in JP. We moved to Boston when Jasmine started law school 10 years ago and been here ever since. We love JP because even though it’s close the city and has city perks like being able to walk everywhere, we still get to experience small glimpses of nature (bunnies running by our house, finding snails in the neighborhood, and spending time at Jamaica Pond).

Carter is kind, thoughtful, strong-willed, always on the go, and loves animals. He’s turned our house into a mini zoo. We have fish, frogs, hermit crabs, snails (that we’ve found on walks), and a bearded dragon.

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before hiring a photographer? How did you feel afterward?

We were worried about spending as much money as we were and having a challenge getting Carter to hang in there for the whole session. Kate was awesome. There were definitely times Carter was starting to lose interest and Kate let him have his space but also got him back on track playing, having fun, and following her direction.

How did you decide that this was the right time to hire a professional photographer? Were you marking a special occasion?

We have thousands of photos but not many with all 3 of us in them and none as amazing as the photos Kate takes. The last time we had photos taken was Carter was a couple months old and he had just turned 4 when we hired Kate. We wanted to make sure we captured these memories.


How did you plan your family’s clothing?

We just picked clothes that we liked, that Carter could tolerate (he lives in sweatpants and nike shorts), and that coordinated but weren’t completely matching.

Where was your session held and why? (any special significance to this spot?)

Seaport. We trusted Kate to pick the location and love our photos. Coincidentally our photos were very close to our 5 year wedding anniversary and we had wedding photos taken in the same area – though we didn’t plan that.

What was your favorite part of the session?

Playing, having fun, and doing (mostly) every day type things (running, swinging Carter between the 2 of us).

Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

We had fun playing with pop pop snappers in between photos getting Carter to cooperate.

Do you have any advice to other families before their photo session?

If you’re thinking of hiring Kate, don’t hesitate. Just relax and be yourselves. Don’t stress about your kids having a melt down or not wanting anything to do with taking pictures.


How have your family/friends reacted to the images?

Family and friends have loved the photos / cried watching the slideshow.

Why did you choose Kate L Photography?

Her reviews are incredible and every positive thing you read is absolutely true. Kate’s work speaks for itself. Not only are the photos beautiful, they’re filled with emotion. Anyone can take a picture of you smiling at the camera but to capture personalities and emotion is a special talent.


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