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Boston Baby Photographer: 6 Months!

Not to get all sappy on you, but there is truly no greater honor for me than being able to document a family’s growth over time. For that reason, I adore Baby’s First Year sessions (newborn, 6 month, and 1 year). This session is the second of three times that I’ll see them this year, and it’s hard to believe it’s already been six months!

I first met these parents after the arrival of their son, whom they had dreamed about for so long. To document their first days as a family, especially in the midst of the holiday magic, was such a treat.

But the true transformation into parents happened over the last six months. They have really settled in as a tight unit of three, and they parent like a well-oiled machine. When this little man decided he was not having it about halfway through his photo session, they simply laughed and told me they would just cover all the bases. Mama fed him, dad changed his diaper, we spent a little time talking about the year they started dating, and then baby was good to go. From the adorable outfits they chose, right down to the waterproof blanket they brought to shield us from goose poop (that is a very real thing!!), these two have the parenting gig down pat.

Also, can we talk about how hilariously cute this baby is?! Those big beautiful blue eyes make me swoon and crack me up all at the same time. I have never met a 6-month baby with such a wide range of facial expressions! He can go from terrified to smirking to grinning, all within the span of five seconds. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while taking a first look through images from a session. Combined with his oh-so-handsome overalls, cap, and bowtie, I couldn’t get enough of this cutie!

I feel like a parent in that I am so excited for his first birthday photos in November, but I also don’t want him to grow up any more than he already has. I wish I could freeze his squishy cheeks just as they are. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to seeing how much he flourishes over the next six months. See you in a little bit, Baby B!

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