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Blair Francis, Flute
Blair Francis, Flute
Blair Francis, Flutist | Boston Headshot Photographer

Blair and I have “known” each other forever through the music world/mutual friends, so by the time I photographed her headshots, it felt like I had already met her before!

Blair is currently playing with the New York Philharmonic, and you can learn more about her and listen to some stunning recordings on her website! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this girl…she is the real deal. And her talent is matched by her kindness, too!!

Be sure to scroll down to the end to read a little interview about her session!

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1) Why did you need new headshots, and what are you planning to use them for?

I really needed professional headshots that I could use for my website and for any future employment opportunities.  They are so important in completing your professional portfolio, and they’re just fun to have 🙂

2) What were you nervous about before the session?

I was nervous about the weather most of all!  But also how my dress selections would work in the photos.  You are a magician!!

3) Was your session different than what you expected? How so?

It was more fast-paced than I thought!  Kate is a true artist – she knows exactly when the shot needs a bit more color, light, if your positioning could be altered, and she knows when it is just right.  Whenever we got the shot, we would move onto another location!

4) Who did your hair/makeup? Would you encourage other people to hire a hair/makeup artist before doing headshot?

I went to Mitchell John as recommended by Kate for hair and makeup.  They were great!  Very fast and I was really happy with how everything turned out.  I would definitely encourage other people to hire an artist for hair and makeup – it just makes you feel more confident.  Plus, it’s fun!!

5) What was the most helpful thing you did to prepare for your photos?

Just making sure I was getting sleep, drinking water, taking care of my skin, and ensuring I felt good about my outfit choices!

6) Did you bring anyone with you to your session?

I brought my boyfriend Alex.  It was super helpful because he made me laugh along with Kate, and just knowing he was there was comforting.  Usually I would be really shy in getting a lot of attention from people passing by us at the shoot, but I didn’t care at all with the two of them with me!  He also held a lot of things for me 😉

7) How did you choose what to wear?

I know I wanted 3 options – a casual outfit but still dressy (nice top and jeans), a more formal gown, and something that was fun and different.

8) If someone was on the fence about getting professional headshots done, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them that it really helps complete your professional image and to go for it.  Headshots are such an important and valuable investment for your career!

9) What was the funniest moment from your session?

We had a lot of funny moments!  Probably trying to get a good spin shot in the middle of the road without getting run over, changing in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant, crouching in the middle of a flower bush (those shots turned out so beautifully!), risking being kicked out of a private lawn party for using the beautiful flowers as a background… I could go on.  Kate is amazing and funny, and just from meeting her that day I felt like I had known her for a long time!  I had such a positive, comfortable, amazing experience that I will remember forever!

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