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Ashley & Nick, Engaged! | Boston Engagement Photos

I knew Ashley & Nick’s session was going to be amazing from one of our very first interactions. I always ask new clients to fill out a brief questionnaire that helps me get to know them a little better, and Ashley wrote such detailed and personal answers (my favorite kind!) that I felt like I knew their relationship before we even met. Nick would later admit that he never believed I would actually read the whole questionnaire (he thought wrong!), but Ashley’s answers were what tipped me off that I was in for a super fun engagement session. Case in point: In response to what they like in photography, her answers were “1. Laughter! We aren’t very serious people. 2. Shots that capture natural and organic moments.” Can I get an AMEN over here?!

At the session itself, I was greeted by an apartment that could have doubled as a Yankee Candle store. Between the delicious scents and the uber-clean and immaculately decorated home with yummy window light, I was already in heaven! We snapped a few photos around the apartment since it had special meaning to them (see their proposal story below), and then we left the cozy apartment and headed out into the frigid October weather to go watch planes fly into Logan Airport from a peninsula near their place, which is a favorite pastime of theirs. I definitely felt like an excited kindergartner watching the planes fly over us…they were HUGE in person!

All of the details fell perfectly into place for this session, right down to the adorable J Crew “happy” shirt and spontaneous tequila shots for the two of them. My hands might have been frozen by the end of the evening, but my heart was definitely warm. I’m so grateful for fun, genuine people like Ashley & Nick.

Together 10/10/10 • Engaged 3/31/15

How they met:

“Nick and I met at a wedding of mutual friends on August 7, 2010. I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman! Nick’s best friend from high school married my roommate from law school. We hadn’t previously met because Nick was in Massachusetts so he was unable to attend any of the pre-wedding festivities. Neither of us had dates at the wedding so my roommate told me “don’t worry, i’m going to sit you at our table next to Nick. He’s in law school and you will have plenty to talk about!” She was right!

One of my favorite memories of the rehearsal dinner (where we first met) was my roommate’s aunt was going around our table taking “couple shots” of all of the couples at the table. When she reached me and Nick, we instantly pretended we were one of the couples and started calling each other “honey” and “babe” and doing our best couples skit for the camera. I have a copy of that photo and it still cracks me up to look at it!” -Ashley

How he proposed:

“Nick and I were long distance for 3 years (from OH to MA) while we both finished law school. I moved to MA in 2013 and we moved to Boston to start our lives together in the same city – finally!

After two years of condo hunting we bought our first place together. Our closing date was 3/31/15. After we signed our lives away Nick told me we had to go back to the condo and pick out paint colors. I insisted that we could do that later because I had my gym bag in the car and wanted to go to the gym. He persisted, so I gave in as long as we were quick. When we walked into the condo for the first time as the official owners the first thing I noticed was sitting on the kitchen counter were champagne glasses, a bottle of champagne, and presents. My immediate reaction was, ‘Nick, someone has a key to our condo and they broke in!’ Once he finally got me to pay attention to him I turned around and was blinded by my new favorite piece of jewelry!

Nick had met with our sellers agent a few days prior to our closing date and gave him all of the goodies – including packages from my best friends in Ohio! So after we did our final walk-through, the sellers agent went back in the condo and set everything up. Turns out we weren’t broken into. 😉

Nick also made reservations for us at the Top of the Hub. We had a lovely dinner overlooking downtown Boston. I had been dying to go to this restaurant, so it was a wonderful surprise.” -Ashley

Colorful Boston engagement pictures, including the Boston skyline photographed outdoors.

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