Oh hey, mama.

You’ve created the family you used to dream about, and you love every messy, snuggle-filled, fleeting second of it.

Now? You need a girl, camera in hand, to come alongside you to capture and document those moments, so you can tell your family’s story for generations to come.

My name is Kate, and I’m a bubbly family photographer based in Boston. Since 2008, serving mamas like you has been right up my alley! I help my clients press pause on the endless BUSY, and make moments that matter.

I’m here to give you more than a new Facebook profile picture (although you’ll be proud of that, too!). I’m here to show you the significance of all of your diaper changing, chauffeuring, and lunch-packing. I’m here to show you that as a mom, you matter to your kids. I’m here to show you the beauty that’s inherent in motherhood when you’re too tired to see it on your own. I’m here to give you happy family memories that will help make the tough days a little sweeter.

I’m proud to say that I was voted “Best Children’s Photographer” in the Boston A-List, have received 6 awards from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, and have been published by Yahoo! But the achievement that means the most to me? Building lifelong relationships with my clients as their families grow and change.

Born and raised in Texas, I now call myself a Bostonian, having survived eight frosty winters! I’m beyond excited to be welcoming my first baby in September. When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me hanging out with my husband in our tiny home or browsing the aisles of Target for colorful things I probably don’t need.

I believe life is better in color. I believe that my clients deserve an experience as memorable as their images. I believe great photography should make you smile, cry, or do both at the same time. I believe that mamas should always jump in the picture — not just for themselves, but for their children.

Peek Behind the Scenes!

my shooting style

One time I asked my clients to sum up my style of photography, and I think they nailed it: colorful, warm, candid, in motion, bathed in sunshine.

I seek out genuine moments that evoke FEELING. Whether that’s your newborn daughter’s hand brushing up against your cheek, or your 3-year-old son tackling his dad, I’ll be ready with the world’s faster shutter finger.

I also know that the best moments sometimes need a little encouraging, so I’ll help you get into place, then turn your focus to each other. Think tickling, jumping, snuggling…these active words allow you to be present, love your family, and truly see one another.

these are a few of my favorite things

  • My Husband

    My Husband

    My voice of reason and the one who can make me laugh like no other!

  • Lemon-themed EVERYTHING!

    Lemon-themed EVERYTHING!

    When your last name is “Lemmon,” it’s basically mandatory!

  • Iced Coffee

    Iced Coffee

    Even if it’s snowing outside, I’ll take a large cold brew, please!

  • Snail Mail

    Snail Mail

    I still believe in handwritten notes…because sometimes slow > fast.

  • Living in Boston

    Living in Boston

    It’s worth squeezing into a tiny studio apartment — I can’t enough of this city’s charm (angry drivers and all)!

  • Books


    I love to read “the old-fashioned way” — give me musty pages over a Kindle any day.

  • Netflix + PJs

    Netflix + PJs

    Because sometimes a girl needs a Friends classic to make her Friday night complete.

  • Traveling


    I’m still dreaming about our honeymoon to Italy. Next on my wishlist: Spain, New Zealand, & Greece!