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a Charles River session by Boston lifestyle family photographer

There is just something about 6:30 a.m. sessions. Even though we wake up at the crack of dawn to grab that magical morning light, it is so worth it once we’re there. I chose to live in downtown Boston because I thrive with so much energy around all the time. But that makes it even more special to find a moment of peace and quiet, when the city is still sleeping and the angry taxi drivers aren’t quite so angry. šŸ˜‰

On this particular morning, due to a slight toddler mishap, I had a few extra minutes to just sit and enjoy the Charles River Esplanade in all its morning glory. I had fun watching the brave runners who admirably spent their Saturday morning on their feet instead of sleeping in. I enjoyed pretending that I was a morning person, too. šŸ˜‰

And then this sweet family of three came walking up, and my heart immediately melted. Of all the toddler faces I have photographed, hers ranks among the very top. Look at that sweet smile and those bouncy curls! Her mom refers to her as a tomboy, but I think you could also call that a carefree childhood. I loved running around as she found joy in the smallest things — hiding behind the weeping willow tree; poking at the ground with a stick. I was blown away by her imagination. When I told her that there was a giraffe in my camera whose face turned from purple to red (the crazy things that I come up with at that early hour…!!) she looked earnestly into my lens and told me that she saw him! I also enjoyed conjuring up imaginary caterpillars for her. I hope she keeps that adventurous spirit as she gets older.

Since mom and dad are temporary San Francisco transplants (here for medical training), I will be sad to see them head back home. But I’m so grateful that I had the chance to document their Boston adventure as a young family of three. I hope these pictures help them remember Boston as the larger-than-life city that it is!

Family photos at charles river in boston.

Boston family photographer captures images at charles river esplanade.

South end family photographer documents family on charles river esplanade.

Family photographer in boston's south end works on charles river lagoon.

Taken by Boston black and white family photographer.

Boston colorful family photos taken by Kate Lemmon.

Toddler photographed at charles river in boston.

South end family photographer works at charles river lagoon.

A family is photographed by the charles river in boston.

Lifestyle family photography taken in boston's south end.

Boston's lifestyle family photographer works outdoors.

South End lifestyle photographer works outdoors.

Boston family photographer captures documentary images at Charles River.

Dad and daughter photographed at the Charles River Esplanade in Boston.

Documentary family photos taken in Boston, MA.

Lifestyle family photography in Boston.

Colorful, documentary photographs taken by the Charles River in Boston.

Documentary photographs by Boston's South End family photographer.

A South End family photographed by the Charles River in Boston.

A family photographed by Boston family photographer Kate Lemmon.

Family running toward camera in Boston.

Mama/toddler snuggles.

Mama/toddler tickles captured by South End family photographer.

Mama/toddler snuggles captured by Kate L Photography.

Toddler plays with weeping willow tree by Charles River.

Toddler hanging upside down. Photography by Boston family photographer (Kate L Photography).

Black and white portrait of a toddler in Boston.

Colorful portrait of a toddler in Boston's South End.

Boston South End family photographer works by the Charles River.

Toddler runs away from her parents. Taken by the Charles River Esplanade.

Toddler laughs at the photographer. Charles River Esplanade in Boston, MA.

Mom and dad kiss toddler on the cheeks.

Moody black & white portrait of a toddler in Boston, MA.

Lifestyle family photography in Boston's South End.

Glowy, colorful family photographer works by the Charles River.

Family snuggles on the Charles River.

Candid portrait of a toddler from Boston's South End.

Family of three looks over a bridge at the Storrow Lagoon.

Candid family portraits in Boston.

Family of three photographed by the Charles River.

Candid family photographer in Boston's South End.

Candid family photographer in Boston.

Lifestyle family portrait taken by the Charles River Esplanade.

Candid family photo taken in Boston's South End.

Candid family photo with lots of color!

Family photos at Charles River Esplanade.

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