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5 Ways That Family Photos Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions!
5 Ways That Family Photos Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions!
5 Ways That Family Photos Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions!



For my fellow planners out there, the beginning of a new year is the best. thing. ever. It’s a clean slate, so full of promise for all of the goals we’ve been meaning to get to. It’s a chance to get re-organized, lose those few extra pounds, and find more meaning in our everyday lives.

But that resolution to get to the gym every day quickly turns into every other day, and then every other day turns into twice a week. And before we know it, another year has slipped by and we’re right back where we started — but with more frustration.

If you’ve already found yourself falling into this cycle, it’s time to schedule a family photo session.



You laugh at me, but I’m 100% serious!

Here are 5 common New Year’s resolutions that family photography can help you with:



1) I want to lose weight.

Nothing helps me with weight loss more than personal accountability. It’s the reason that people have personal trainers and gym buddies — it’s proven to help when you have someone or something to hold you to your goals!

Getting in front of a camera is another perfect solution to keep you on track to your weight loss goals. Speaking from personal experience, having our engagement and wedding photos taken was a huge fitness motivator for me. Photos were the perfect kick in the butt to get me working out and skipping the sugar.

The best part? The images from your photo session will help you celebrate your rockin’ new bod!




2) I want to be more present.

If you’re wanting to spend more quality time this year instead of just going through the motions, the experience of a photo session will help you get off your cell phone/laptop and be present with your family. Your kids will love that they get to spend uninterrupted time with you. You’ll make memories together that will bring you joy on a daily basis when you see them hanging on your walls.




3) I want to save money for the things that matter.

Family photos are one of the best investments you can make. Photos will only grow in value over the years and you’ll hand them down to your children and grandchildren. Many of my clients have even told me that if their house was on fire, they would go back to grab their photos! If you want to stop dropping money on little things and start saving for experiences that will bring you joy, a photo session is a perfect goal! *Disclaimer: I might be a teensy bit biased 😉

PS: If you’re planning to start budgeting this year, I highly recommend You Need a Budget! This software has given me major peace of mind, made impossible goals possible, and helped me figure out exactly where every dollar is being used. Seriously, go check it out!



4) I want to stop procrastinating.

Last year, did you wait until December 1st to start thinking about taking a photo for your holiday cards?  This year, get ahead of the game and check them off your list early! If you missed last week’s post about planning ahead for the holidays (including a nifty photo planning timeline), go check it out here!




5) I want to get around to printing my photos!

I know you keep meaning to, but you never quite get there. You have too many photos to organize, you don’t know which printer to choose, you need to find those vacation photos from last summer, you have to make it perfect first, etc.

Rather than waiting until your hard drive crashes, let someone else do the hard work for you! When you hire a professional photographer, you’ll receive guidance about how to print your digital files. Or better yet, I can even do the printing for you!

My absolute favorite products are these gorgeous custom albums. I create an album draft for my clients to review so that you don’t have to wrestle with complicated design software or waste time debating between images. I deliver the album straight to your doorstep — easy peasy!





Alright friends, I hope you found these tips useful! Now, in the spirit of goal accountability, I’m off to yoga tonight! 😉



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