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25 Classical Musicians | Boston Headshot Photographer
Classical musicians are some of the most talented, insightful, creative, hilarious, and dynamic people that I have the privilege to work with. As a flutist myself, I feel particularly lucky to help other musicians build their personal brands as they develop (classical) rockstar careers.


I wish that I had the time to write about each of these amazing people as individuals, but for now, I hope that I can give you a hint of their spirit through photos. Whenever possible, I’ve linked to their websites — please click through and have a listen!


Allison Emerick, flute


allison_emerick_flute_067 allison_emerick_flute_068 allison_emerick_flute_069

Andrew Bustamante, flute

Ben Smolen and Jerome Mouffe (these are their album photos – buy their gorgeous new CD here!)

ben_smolen_duo_055 ben_smolen_duo_056 ben_smolen_duo_057

Chloe Trevor, violin 

chloe_trevor_violin_061 chloe_trevor_violin_062 chloe_trevor_violin_063

Chloe Tula, harp

chloe_tula_harp_058 chloe_tula_harp_059 chloe_tula_harp_060

Christian Paquette, flute

Daniel Anastasio, piano


daniel_anastasio_005 daniel_anastasio_006

The Kontra Duo – Kristina Finch and Dannel Espinoza

dannel_espinoza_049kristina_finch_050 kristina_finch_dannel_espinoza_051

Eric Vinas, baritone

Erin Torres, flute

Felice Doynov, flute

felice_doynov_flute_064 felice_doynov_flute_065 felice_doynov_flute_066

Grace An, cello

grace_an_046 grace_an_047 grace_an_048

Liz Tobias, jazz vocalist

liz_tobias_001 liz_tobias_002 liz_tobias_003

Martha Long, flute

May Aihua Ye, piano

may_ye_073 may_ye_074 may_ye_075

Peter Morales, cello

Rainer Crosett, cello

rainer_crosett_007 rainer_crosett_008 rainer_crosett_009

Sara Law, soprano

Sarah Shin, flute

SarahAnn Duffy

Sarita Kwok, violin

sarita_kwok_violin_071 sarita_kwok_violin_072

Sophia Papoulis, conductor

sophia_papoulis_052 sophia_papoulis_053 sophia_papoulis_054

Syd Rvinsky

Tessa Lark, violin

Xiongguan Zhang, guitar

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