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2017: A Year in Review
2017: A Year in Review
2017: A Year in Review!

What a year it has been!!

Going into 2017, I thought I would lay low and spend a quiet year following our busy wedding year in 2016. Well, I guess being still is not one of my strong suits, because I ended up filling this year with travel, projects, and more client sessions than ever! I just love to be on the go, and I don’t feel complete unless I’m doing 13,718 things at one time. So of course I tackled several huge projects and adventures this year including these highlights:

1) KLP launched a new website and brand.

Hiring a designer to create a custom website and brand had been my #1 dream since the day I opened my business back in 2008 — more than leasing an office, getting published, or even going full-time. And this year, that dream finally came true with the help of Second Street Creative.

I’m grateful to have received not just a fabulous website, but also a more clear understanding of my business and brand. All of those things will help me serve my clients even better from here on out.

2) I hopped in front of the camera for two new videos.

These have been months in the making, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share a couple of new behind-the-scenes videos with you! If you’ve ever been curious about the silly shenanigans and sweet moments that take place in a KLP session, now you can come along for the ride! Both videos courtesy of Brendan Donohue Film (he was incredible to work with!)

Take a peek at two family sessions (one in the Boston Public Garden, and the other in Seaport).

Curious what an in-home newborn session can look like? Here’s an example!

3) E & I traveled to Quebec City for our first wedding anniversary.

Our first anniversary fell during E’s spring break from teaching, so we spontaneously decided to take a mini-vacation to Quebec City so that we could get a small taste of Europe without an expensive plane ticket. Old Quebec felt like a different world, but it only took us 6.5 hours to drive there! We loved the convenience of throwing everything in the car instead of packing for an airplane.

4) I visited Mexico to meet my extended in-laws for the first time!

I’m married to a first-generation Mexican-American, so it was about time I took my first trip to Mexico! We had been meaning to go for 3 years now, and this summer felt like the right time. I knew that E’s family was large, but I don’t think I realized just how large until we arrived! His grandmother had 11 children and 30-something grandchildren — and that’s just on ONE side of the family! It was such a fun atmosphere to be a part of!

5) Emmanuel & I transformed our apartment.

When I first moved into our tiny 440-square-foot apartment, I never imagined that I would eventually share the space with my husband (I hadn’t even met him yet!). So naturally, I turned it into the most girly space possible, complete with pink, peach, and purple walls. But after my husband eventually moved in with me, I wanted the space to be OURS, not just mine. He was so very patient with all the pink, but I wanted it to reflect our marriage and become a place that E could proudly call his home. So after almost 5 years of pink, we painted the walls white!


Even though it’s been a packed year, I’m happy to report that I kept my one New Year’s resolution for 2017: to make time to enjoy the holidays!

In past years, I have usually been the girl working right up until Christmas Eve, but this year I started prepping for the holidays way back in January so that I could leave space to just enjoy the season. Busy season (September through November) is both physically and mentally exhausting, so I’m beyond grateful to have had some space to recharge this December and tackle my holiday gift wrapping before hopping on a plane to visit my family in Texas and Kansas.

I’m also feeling grateful that the cliche “third time’s the charm” has rung true in our marriage this year.

With E in his third year of teaching, and the completion of three years of running my business full-time, we’re finding a routine and rhythm that doesn’t feel quite so crazy anymore. This time last year, I had worked so hard that my body gave out and I came down with strep on Thanksgiving — my third time getting sick in a couple of months. I don’t mean to make it sound like this year has been a piece of cake (it has had its own challenges), but I think both of us have been better at prioritizing health and our relationship.

This year I had the honor of photographing 143 client sessions!

Thank you to all of the wonderful clients who made my job so much fun!! In addition to the new clients who joined the KLP family this year, it’s been such a treat to see past clients return for updated family photos. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly kids grow and change, and I promise to never take for granted the privilege of documenting these special years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to peek into your lives.

SO, I’ve been talking too much…let’s get on with the photos, shall we? 🙂

This is my FAVORITE annual tradition because it makes me stop, pause, and reflect on all of the amazing people that I’ve had the chance to document in the last year. It’s such a gift to take a step back from this crazy life and see the beauty of the BIG picture, not just all of the little moments that comprise it. In the big picture, I don’t see flyaway hairs or closed eyes. I see truly beautiful, shining faces. I see compassion and joy. And that is such an important reminder of why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

This video includes one image from every 2017 session that I have permission to share:

Just for fun, here are the slideshows from past years:
201620152014 | 20132012 | 2010


Just for fun, here are the slideshows from past years:
201620152014 | 20132012 | 2010

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