project 52 | ten [a year of iphone snapshots]

It was a glorious week. I just finished my last grad school audition, had a blast in NYC, then came home to a rare day of perfect weather in Rochester. One day later (yesterday), I got on plane to fly to Texas for spring break. I am so excited to photograph my San Antonio clients this week…it’s fun for me to imagine the photos that we’ll come up with!

1 | NYC. It was a windy, but beautiful, evening in the city, and my hotel was only a couple of blocks away from Central Park.
2 | This week marked the return of spring colors to my wardrobe! No color combination is too crazy for Kate Lemmon. This photo was taken on Wednesday, the day that I went to a park during my lunch break, laid in the grass, and stared at the blue sky.
3 | While in NYC, I randomly ran into two friends from Eastman on the subway. It was such a lovely reminder that even though I’ll be leaving all of my friends from the conservatory in a couple of months, we’ll never really say goodbye…the music world is so small!!
4 | Rick also had a couple of auditions in NYC on the same day, so we took the 7-hour train ride together. After spending the last couple of months hopping all over the country without him, it was wonderful to have some time to just enjoy each other’s company.

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