project 52 | sixteen [a year of iphone snapshots]

This week was full of three things:

Endings (1-3). I played my last ensemble concert at Eastman on Wednesday (the incredibly inspiring 8th Symphony of Maslanka), which had me in tears by the last page. And I attended my last Compline concert, an amazing weekly candelight program that I’ve attended regularly for the last four years. Both of these activities have been such fundamental parts of my growth here in Rochester, and it was hard to see them come to an end.

Beginnings (4-6): Spring has sprung!!! I loved looking out my window this week and seeing the beautiful white blooms, which later fell from the trees in the annual April “snow,” or as I like to call it, fairy dust. And I’ve been ALL ABOUT the tulips lining Gibbs St. I’ll soon be sharing a bunch of headshots taken by those!

Changes (7-9): Inspired by a post I found of Shawna’s earlier this week, I set out to undo all of the unhealthy, processed food that came hand-in-hand with my insane travel schedule the last few months. Of course, I’m not pregnant, but Shawna’s words were exactly what I needed to set me in motion– “Healthy and thin are two very different things.” Yes, yes, yes!! So this week was not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I cooked the majority of my meals (mostly vegetables and lean protein). “Fake food” was out this week. I dug my tennis shoes out of the closet (they were in hibernation for the winter) and hit the road running again with a couple of friends. My three mile run gets a little bit easier every day. Let’s see how it feels at altitude in Aspen this summer ;)

I don’t think my weight has changed much this week, but I am floating. It’s great to feel like I’m in my body again.

PS: The photo on the bottom right might not look like much, but it’s hands-down the best salmon recipe I have ever made. Check it out: Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon

  • Kudos to you!!!! It's hard at first, but gets easier every day. :) Starting habits young is so important!! Keep up the good work!!! Strong is beautiful. Healthy food feels good. Way to go!!

  • I'm always amazed at the quality of work a good photographer can get out of an iPhone. Way to go, those are some beautiful shots!

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