project 52 | seven [a year of iPhone snapshots]

I just got back to Rochester three days ago, and I’m already getting ready to fly to Boston at 6 a.m. tomorrow. I’ve been traveling so much that I’ve stopped unpacking my suitcase…it just sits on my living floor waiting until I leave again! :) But even though I am tired beyond belief, it’s a good kind of exhaustion– the kind that comes with a wealth of new experiences for which I am so grateful.

1 | Cupcakes marking 100 days until the Class of 2012 graduates! So hard to believe that it’s right around the corner!
2 | Last weekend marked my first visit to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was definitely a culture I had never experienced before, to say the least! This is a picture of the Mormon Temple in downtown SLC. I also got to hear an organ recital in the Mormon Tabernacle, which was awe-inspiring.
3 | The Detroit airport tunnel…one of my favorite flying destinations!
4 | One rose for each of the two Valentine’s Days that Rick and I have spent together. I flew back from SLC just in time to spent a happy evening with him.