project 52 | 17-21 [a year of iphone snapshots]

The last five weeks have been INSANE.

As I’m writing this, I keep thinking back to New Year’s Eve, watching that first firecracker go up and imagining how much change the year ahead would bring. I knew I was in for a ride, but I had absolutely no idea. Only in the last five weeks did I fully realize 2012’s potential for CRAZY.

In five weeks, I:
– lost my beautiful friend Louie and three other members of the Eastman family
– experienced and witnessed grief firsthand
– belonged to an an incredibly supportive community
– earned my degree from the Eastman School of Music
– said goodbye to my friends
– said goodbye to my boyfriend for two years
– packed up my first apartment
– found a new apartment in Boston
– made my New York City recital debut
– bought a new flute (a project three years in the making)
– took an audition and learned more about strategic preparation
– played my first recital (the Franck Sonata) on the new flute & made a recording
– took so many pictures I thought my trigger finger was going to fall off ;)
– made a new friend in Los Angeles
– traveled to Sydney, Australia for 12 days (TONS of pictures coming soon!), walked 70 miles, and spent 50 hours in and out of airports

Writing all that out makes it seem even more surreal. This is the life that I always imagined when people told me to “live it up” in my twenties. I am experiencing and truly feeling life this year, and it is so beautiful– and not just the happy parts, either. It is a wonderful thing to not just exist, but to feel ALIVE. I am so incredibly grateful.

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