first birthday | boston baby photographer

I love photographing first birthday parties—tons of cute kids and decorations everywhere—but this one was especially fun because it was my first Korean birthday party. Baby Yena got all decked out her traditional Korean outfit before guests arrived…how beautiful does she look?!

I also loved the game that took place later on in the party. Her parents laid out a bunch of different objects representing potential careers. Supposedly, the one that Yena crawled would represent her future path. Not only did she choose the stethoscope (to the hilarious sighs of everyone in the room), but in the second round, she also chose a medical object—a thermometer! If that doesn’t seal her fortunate future, I don’t know what does! ;)

  • Bon said:

    Annie! These are wonderful! I miss you all and know our girls would have a blast tthoeger. What great photos and such memories. I still can't get over how you can pop out baby after baby and STILL look refreshed and fabulous!

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