Those who know me know that I’m not one to take vacations. In fact, just yesterday, I put in a 20-hour workday. Don’t get me wrong– I absolutely love my job, which is a large reason why I work so much. But I am not good at stepping away from my computer and phone and just being PRESENT. This past month, I said goodbye to my school, my friends, my boyfriend, and my home, in addition to photographing over 30 sessions in two weeks. After all of that, I am desperately in need of some time away. Time that I spend taking pictures just for me. Time without my phone glued to my face. Time without excessive Facebook & inbox-checking. Time to recharge MYSELF, not just my electronic devices.

So call me extreme, but I’m flying to Australia with a good friend of mine for two weeks. I’m stoked to expand my world and replenish my creativity.

I know I’ll return with lots to share. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience, as I’ll only be checking my email briefly every few days. I will be back in the country on June 9th, so you can expect a response from me shortly after that.

See y’all soon! :)

PS: Don’t worry, there will be reading material while I’m gone– all of my recent photo sessions are set to auto-blog over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for lots of new photos!

  • Seyna said:

    Kim: You're entitled to your opniion and The Blogcademy isn't for everyone! To clarify, The Blogcademy is two full days of hands-on learning (10+ hours of solid content) with three instructors, two of which will be flying in. We're very proud of the curriculum we've put together and feel that it's right in line with comparable seminars. Putting together a structured event chock-full of intensive learning is hard work but we truly love what we do and relish the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights.We do realize that not everyone who may want to attend can afford the price and for that reason, we are offing a scholarship.

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