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2012: a year in review

Well, another year has come and gone. It’s hard to believe 365 whole days have passed, because I remember New Year’s Eve of 2011 like it was yesterday. I was terrified for all of the unknowns that 2012 would bring. And boy, did 2012 bring surprises (both good and bad). I took a couple of small steps closer to my dream of becoming an orchestral musician. I was accepted to graduate school and made the big move to Boston, which marked the beginning of two years of hard yet rewarding work as well as a long distance relationship.

2012 was also marked by lots of loss. My wonderful flute mentor Tal Perkes unexpectedly passed away, and I was absolutely devastated by the loss of my friend Louie. Many of the people that I care about also lost loved ones this year, and so I found myself trying to find the balance between managing my own grief and trying to help others through theirs. Though I miss them incredibly, they helped me fully realize the true value of portrait photography. Through the images of the people I hold closest to me, I keep their spirits with me forever. I remember the happy moments and not the sad ones, and they don’t seem so far away.

In 2012, I also learned that I can’t keep my New Year’s resolutions šŸ˜‰ Project 52 became too hard to keep up with during my travels this summer, and I regret letting that project go. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will continue to see my personal snapshots when I periodically upload them. My New Year’s resolution is more manageable this year: to live week to week and enjoy the moment as much as possible without looking too far into the future. I won’t even ask to be happy all of the time– I just want to BE and experience the range of emotions that come with presence.

Perhaps the biggest blessing of 2012, though, was the privilege of photographing YOU– so many wonderful faces, both new clients and returning (and some of you feel like family, I’ve seen you so often!) I always feel so lucky to be able to witness people at their happiest moments. I love watching you play and snuggle and twirl and laugh. Your smiles bring me more joy than you know. Watching this slideshow makes me teary with gratitude, and I hope that when you watch it, I can give you back a fraction of the fulfillment you bring me.

So, without further ado, here’s one image from every 2012 session I photographed. May your 2013 be filled with joy and love, and I hope you find contentment in each moment– both good and bad.

In loving memory of Tal Perkes & Louisa Womack

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