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Every Thanksgiving, I become so preoccupied with delicious food, the Macy’s parade on TV, decorating for Christmas, and the general hubbub of of the holiday, that I tend to forget what the holiday is really about. However, this year, as graduate school applications loom over my head and I’m unsure where I’ll end up this time next year, I’m feeling particularly grateful for everything and everyone in my life, right as it is in this moment, despite its imperfections and unknowns.

Rather than celebrate only on Thanksgiving, I thought I would be a little more grateful this year and give thanks for something different every day leading up to the holiday. Because really, despite all my worrying, I have SO MANY THINGS to be thankful for. I think we all do.

Today, I’m thankful for fall, my favorite season! Since I grew up in Texas, I never experienced the beauty of fall until I moved to New York for school. In San Antonio, seasons basically go like this: summer, summer, summer, winter (if you can even call it that!) When I finally experienced the beauty of the season, I became totally hooked.

Here in Rochester, we’ve been especially lucky this year because it *still* hasn’t snowed yet! Usually the weather is guaranteed to turn by Halloween, but it was a balmy 60 degrees outside today.

Everything I love about the fall season: waking up to crisp light streaming in through my window in the morning, leaves turning colors that I thought only existed in paintings, pumpkin EVERYTHING, taking my riding boots out of the closet, the smell of fireplaces, oversized sweaters, baking ginger cookies on lazy afternoons, apple cider fresh from the orchard, spiced candles, and the promise of Christmas music right around the corner! Did I miss anything?

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