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Having professional photos taken can be a stressful experience– I get it! In order to make your photo session a wonderful experience, I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help your photos shine.

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  • Kayli said:

    Hi Kate! I always was told what I should do and what is expected, but I recently found that I will never achieve happiness and inner peace unless I do what I want and not what is expected of me. I was on the medical school track preparing to take the MCAT exam, but I realized what I really wanted to do was act. I forced myself to read study books and resented it. However, from the moment I discovered myself and my true calling, I positively cannot stop studying and practicing the craft of acting. I would still pursue that passion and dream even if I won the lottery tomorrow. It's more about doing something fulfilling and satisfying rather than "stardom" purposes. I was looking around online for headshots and came upon your site. I saw that you will not be available to shoot until the end of the year in San Antonio. It is unfortunate that we won't be able to work together. I just wanted to express to you my appreciation of your work and share a little bit about myself since you like hearing from visitors. You have amazing talents and I admire the way you bring so much life and serenity into your work. I also love how down to earth you are and how well you listen to and connect with your clients. Best wishes to you :)

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