Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m Boston’s family photographer! Since 2008, creating joyful, vibrant imagery for modern mamas like you has been right up my alley. I help my clients press pause on the endless BUSY and make moments that matter.

I’m proud to say that I was voted “Best Children’s Photographer” in the Boston A-List, have received 4 awards from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, and have been published by Yahoo! But the achievement that means the most to me? Building lifelong relationships with my clients as their families grow and change.

Please pull up a chair, grab an iced coffee, and take a peek around! I’m so glad you’re here!


“I will always treasure the time we got to spend with Kate. She was warm, funny, sweet, and so relaxed. She put us all at ease, and as the mother of a very wild two-year-old, I can assure you that is no easy feat. Kate is a complete professional, delivering exactly what she promises when she promises it, and the entire experience from booking to delivery was easy, fun, and totally worth it.”

– Rachel


“My kids never sit still and they certainly don’t listen to me when I ask them to look at the camera. Somehow Kate was able to earn their trust right away and capture amazing photos. All I can remember is how happy the kids were and how much giggling was going on while they were in front of the camera. Kate had a warm personality and was the type of person that I would want to invite into my home and life.”

– Sophia


“My favorite part of the session was how my son connected with Kate…she just has a way to make him laugh and smile. Usually when I ask him to smile for a picture he gives me this hard smile where he pushes his chin forward. It drives me nuts… It doesn’t look like him. But then Kate comes around, works her magic, and he smiles a smile that lightens up the world. Squinty eyes, dimples, and all… and my heart melts.”

– Juliana


“It is no small feat keeping a 3- and 6-year-old happy and engaged, but my kids had so much fun with Miss Kate that they kept asking when our next play date with her would be! From the moment I first contacted her until the day my final photos were ready, Kate was responsive, detail-oriented, full of helpful information, and a pure joy to work with! And the photos? Simply gorgeous. She captured my children’s personalities beautifully.”

– Lauren


“I seriously cannot express just how amazing Kate is as an artist, professional and simply put, a human being. On the day of the shoot, she was literally a baby whisperer. We were truly blown away by the entire experience. I just love her aesthetic and her innate ability to capture ours AND honestly, she was just so fun to be around.”

– Jessie

Jessie (newborn)

“My husband was hesitant of the cost at first, but at our session I remember thinking, ‘yep, she’s worth it.’ Kate brought her A-game and we were both significantly impressed with Kate’s patience, positivity and consistent high energy with the kids. We had never experienced this before and realized THIS is why Kate’s the best. No fake smiles, no fake laughs. There’s a reason the best photographers come at a price.”

– Alicia


“Kate let our son have his space but also got him back on track playing, having fun, and following her direction. Her reviews are incredible and every positive thing you read is absolutely true. Not only are the photos beautiful, they’re filled with emotion. Anyone can take a picture of you smiling at the camera but to capture personalities and emotion is a special talent.”

– Brandon


“From the moment I reached out to book newborn photos with her she was responsive, friendly and professional. During the session she was absolutely magic getting all of us, especially the toddler, to pose, laugh, and enjoy ourselves. She made it so easy. The final photos were incredible. We have done other professional photos before and I can say Kate was the best experience we’ve had.”

– Lauren D.

Lauren D.  (newborn)

“I was definitely a little nervous going into the shoot – I wanted the photos to feel natural and not come off as too “staged.” Kate made us all feel totally at ease! As soon as I met her I knew it was going to be a great experience. It was clear she is a pro – she could not have a more perfect personality for family photography! I cried the first time I saw our photos, and I will truly treasure them forever.”

– Christina

Christina D.

“While it’s sometimes hard to develop trust in someone you just met, I truly believe that Kate always had our best interests in mind. She listened to what we had envisioned and acted on it with the most positive attitude. My favorite part of the session was how comfortable Kate made us feel. Neither my husband nor I love posing for pictures, but Kate made us feel at ease in a very relaxed and fun way!”

– Leah

Leah  (newborn)

“We’ve worked with Kate two times and both sessions were wonderful. It is so difficult to get a nice family photo – my kids often hide from the camera. Kate makes it seem easy!  She is so lighthearted, silly and energetic. She always makes the session fun. The kids actually think it’s a game (even our skeptical 6-year-old).”

– Sarah


“Those early days and weeks go by so fast and are such a blur, so capturing them in newborn photos was very important to us. We loved Kate’s work so much that we ended up purchasing the entire gallery and are looking forward to another session with her this spring. My husband has never been a fan of photo sessions, but even he couldn’t stop raving about how much he loved the photos.”

– Christine

Christine (newborn)

“I wanted to use family photos as an opportunity to hit pause on life and allow us to slow down for a moment and enjoy just being photographed. To me, Kate is like an old friend who I am just lucky enough to have as a photographer. She makes us all feel so comfortable and warm, and she connects with my daughter so easily.”

– Shelly


“Kate gracefully navigates the sometimes awkward first steps of a family photo shoot and her energy and social insight foster a true sense of intimacy during the session. The way she engaged with our kids made it so much easier for my husband and I to relax and actually have fun — yes, seriously, fun.”

 Kristy S.

Kristy S

“I was nervous about finding a newborn photographer who could make us look presentable and feel comfortable after having a baby only ten days before the session. Having the session in our own home was incredibly helpful, but Kate’s personality is made for photographing people – she lights up a room and helps her clients do the same!”

– Wendy

Wendy (newborn)

“Our two little ones were under her spell in about two minutes. When we arrived for the shoot she immediately gave them the attention and laughed and joked with them. Instant friends, which made for the smoothest family photo shoot ever. She captured our boys’ personalities perfectly.”

 Scott S.

Scott S

“Kate isn’t just a photographer, she’s an artist. Spending even a few minutes with Kate, you will recognize tremendous talent, patience, and a winning personality that reflect exactly what a gifted photographer should be. Kate arranges the photos but simultaneously lets you be you, such that you almost forget you’re being photographed. I wouldn’t trust my family photos to anyone else!”

 Lawren B.

Lawren B

“Our family and friends always LOVE our images. Kate’s style is so different, and not one time goes by where someone doesn’t comment that they can FEEL the love my family has for each other. If your family pictures don’t evoke emotion, they’re not being done right. If there is one thing I save up for, it’s our sessions with Kate!”

 Ashley C.

Ashley C

“Working with Kate was an absolute delight. Our experience was great during every step of the process (from the consultation phone call to the day of shoot to the end product). She did a great job of keeping a 6 month old engaged and the pictures came out amazing. We will definitely be using her again in the future.”

– Janeen K.

Janeen K

“I chose Kate because of her passion for capturing love and emotion. Her website is a fantastic (and honest) glimpse of what you can expect from her work. I had the hardest time selecting our final images because they all resonated so deeply. Photos were complete when Kate promised and she was always quick to respond when I had a question.”

– Heather P.

Heather P

“I cannot say enough good things about Kate! We have 10 month twins and Kate managed to get the perfect picture of our girls and our family (which no one else has been able to do, 1 baby is usually smiling while the other is frowning). The vibrant colors and magical moments she captures are worth every penny!”

– Julie M.

Julie M

“Our experience with Kate was wonderful. As a family of six with young kids, we brought a lot of energy to the shoot, and she was able to expertly capture that through the photos. Kate was so friendly and worked incredibly well with the kids.  She got down to their level and met them where they were comfortable.”

– Amy B.

Amy B